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Acer Liquid Z2 model z120, single sim soft brick/bootloop, questions

Hello Acer


I recently bought a smartphone, the acer liquid z2. Unfortunate to say that it's not even a month old and I already encountered a nasty problem namely a soft-brick aka stuck on bootloop. This is a perfect showcase of poorly/faulty coded hardware and it is absolutely not the users fault and looking at the forum I'm not the only one whos facing this problem so anyway. I have experience with electronics so I'd like to ask a few questions in regards to the warranty void.


If I unbrick the phone through fastboot on my own would this void the warranty? If no, I will do it myself but otherwise, I will bring it in for repairs from where I bought it. I have already reset it to it's factory settings through the powerup button+volume up technique but that hasn't resolved anything.


If unbricking/root accesing my phone to reinstall the rom (or a custom rom) does not void my warranty I would like to know what tools support the acer smartphones, it would save me alot of research time, but if I'm putting my handsomely generous 2 year warrantly on the line, I am not going to touch it and just bring it in for repairs.


Thanks in andvance

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