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Acer Iconia B1 hang Please help

Hi all,


I have been using Acer iconia B1 since february. I accidentaly press on the power button and volume up button, It bring me to the screen which says "Select boot mode". I tried to use the volume up/down button and power button to select the option but it is not responding. I can't shut it off or boot into the normal android screen. This same problem happen to me before during March, at that time there is nothing I can do except to wait for the battery to be drain off so that the tablet will be switch off. After the battery is fully drain I try to charge it and switch it on but the screen keep flashing. I brought the tablet to the repair centre and the technician say there is a problem with the rom. He reset the rom to the original state(before update) with my data still intact. I would like to ask if there is other ways to fix these problem beside bringing the table to the repair centre as the repair centre is quite a far distant from my house. Furthermore, I do not like to make a visit to the repair centre, everytime this problem occurs. Thanks for any help!!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Acer Iconia B1 hang Please help

Dear Acer, i also having similar problem. It just show blank screen and i have tried to reset it with the reset button, nothing appear.

Please do help cos i just bought this 2 weeks ago.

Acer service center is far from my house, so i hope to solve it myself without driving over to the service center.


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Re: Acer Iconia B1 hang Please help

I have a same problem. My iconia was freeze and couldnot shut down until battery drained. Now I can't power it up. The screen kerp flashing while charger attached.
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Re: Acer Iconia B1 hang Please help

It is also the same with my problem but the diffence is it just stay in ''Network Utility'' while i'm rooting it.Please Help us.

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