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Acer Aspre 5336. Can I rebuild the PQSERVICE partition using the recovery disks I created?

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I have an acer aspire 5336 running w7HPwhich had a faulty hard drive.


Prior to the hdd failing I had already burned a set of recovery disks using erecovery management.


I can re-install the system using these disks but they DO NOT recreate the pqservice partition. The only drive that gets created is Drive C:


Is it possible to recreate this partition so I can use the hdd recovery option on the new drive or is this option now lost forever?


I would have thought that by creating a set of recovery disks it would rebuild everything as it was at the factory like most other manufacturers do. For some inane reason this doesn't appear to be the case on this system and probably many other Acer Notebooks also.


Advice would be appreciated thanks.


Also if anyone has a screen grab of the files and directory structure of the original pqservice partition I would appreciate you posting so I can try and recreate this partition using the swm images off the disk.



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Re: Acer Aspre 5336. Can I rebuild the PQSERVICE partition using the recovery disks I created?


if you dont have access to a working PQservice partition then there is no way to rebuild your hard drive with one, due to the files and folders you need.

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