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Acer Aspire e1-522-3884: Windows 7 drivers

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Hello, so I just bought an Acer e1 notebook and It came with windows 8. I bought a copy of windows 7 and installed it on the laptop via a live usb, and everything went pretty well. Most of the drivers were installed automatically by windows, but there are three of them which are missing and I have been searching for 3 days now and can't find them.


The drivers needed are for windows 7 64 bits:


*** NOTE: I tried to install it via device manager with no luck.


1.the first one is the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller (which I think is for the USB 3.0 port, that isn't working currently, although the 2.0 works just fine). Finally found it, hidden on AMD's website. You can find the driver here (the first one at 49.4 mb):


2. the second driver is the Network Controller (which I think is for the wireless card, I managed to download it on acer's website, but it's for windows 8, It managed to install proprely but I would like to have the actual windows 7 drivers if possible. The driver on acer's website works fine, so I don't need it anymore, can be found on acer's website in the driver section, under windows 8 named Wireless Lan Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 64.4 MB 2013/05/08


3. the third driver is for the ethernet controller (which i guess is for the ethernet port), couldn't find it anywhere either, The driver was found on acer's website, so I don't need it anymore, can be found on acer's website in the driver section, under windows 8 named Lan Atheros LAN Driver 5.7 MB 2013/05/08


4. the fourth driver is for the sm bus controller, which quite frankly I have no idea what it is for. Couldn't find anything to get it working. See 1.


5. And the last driver would be the drivers for the mouse and keyboard (multi touch + special keys such as volume,sleep ...). I found the driver on Acer's website but it's only for windows 8 and 8.1. I tried to install them, but the keyboard and mouse stopped working. I don't know what i did but after a reformat, the mouse drivers started working, got them from acer's website too.



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