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Acer Aspire Z5600 Overheats then shuts off

I have a acer aspire Z5600, i had it for about two years and its been overheating. I watch a couple of youtube video then after a while the fan shuts off then in a couple of minutes it offs. I have a 6 GB ram its in a ventalated area and it still does this and its bothering me now. Also you cant on it till it cools down.

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Re: Acer Aspire Z5600 Overheats then shuts off

You need to get it looked at, if the fan is shutting down you run a major risk of burning out your CPU.

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Re: Acer Aspire Z5600 Overheats then shuts off

But do you know what the problem could be. I could leave the computer on the whole day and it wont do this its just when i watch on youtube or play game. After the computer reaches a certain temperature the fan offs. so i put it in sleep mode to cool it off and when i on it again the fan starts up again. Any idea what the problem could be?????

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Re: Acer Aspire Z5600 Overheats then shuts off

I just check my computer temperature with speed fan and its

HD0: 39C




Are these high, somtimes they get into the 70s

Could it be the dust or something else????

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Re: Acer Aspire Z5600 Overheats then shuts off

My Z5600 was doing the same thing.  I had to disassemble the unit, and it was the cpu heat sink. There was dust clogging the cooling fins. I regulated my air compressor and lightly blew air through it and made sure that all components were clean before reassembling the unit.  My computer has not overheated and shut down since. Hope this helps.  If you have never disassebled your unit yet and need instructions, just google it, there are several good tutorials on how to take it apart.

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