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Acer Aspire V3 551 - won't start up after windows update

My recently purchased laptop seems to be having issues starting up.


A automatic update recently run and apon restart the PC would come up with the message Smiley Happy Sorry your PC ran into a problem it couldn't handle and needs to restart and then tries to boot up again with no success.


I have a recovery USB which I tried to use by going into the BIOS and moving the USB to first on the boot options. This resulted in the start up to just crach.


I then tried to refresh/restore windows 8 by enabling F12 options on start up and trying to get to the windows recovery screen, this did not work.


The best I got was by enabling legacy BIOS which then got me to the recovery screen but once I selected refresh, it brings up an error message stating that my harddrive is locked, please unlock and try again.


Another thing to note is that I created my recovery drive on a non acer windows 8 computer.


What are my options?

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