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Acer Aspire One netbook will not turn on/charge

New User

Acer Aspire One netbook will not turn on/charge

I got my acer aspire one netbook in August 2009. It worked perfectly up untill the next June, when I accidentally left it on, shut, all night. The next day when I came to retrieve it, I found it completley unresponsive. No lights turn on, no matter what I press. It doesn't do anything when I charge it, and simply pressing the power button yields no results. I have tried charging it overnight, holding the power with the battery in and also with it out, leaving it with the battery out for a while, and charged it in different outlets. Simply nothing seems to work. I finally gave up on the prospect of having my computer back and it's been sitting in my room for a couple of years since then. It really does bother me that I paid so much money for something that didn't even last a year. Since it has been so long the warrantly has long worn off, and I cannot access tech support anymore. Does anyone have any idea of something that I could do to try to revive my netbook? Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.


Re: Acer Aspire One netbook will not turn on/charge

This can be a problem with the adapter, if possible, you can try with a different adapter and check whether the unit powers on or not. If that is the case, you have to purchase a replacement adapter or else, the unit needs service.

Re: Acer Aspire One netbook will not turn on/charge

Per: ACER and other web pages!

If the battery is completely discharged (or nearly so) the BIOS could be the problem.

They give you a download FLASH utility and instructions on how to do this.


That is supposed to be the answer, however it did not work on mine (I found this out after buying a new battery).


Flashing did not work and it is in a local shop along with another one from another customer.

The shop hasn't been able to flash the BIOS.  After the process the BIOS is still listed as the original version !


I have found statements that the BIOS reverts to the original factory setting if the BIOS battery goes bad.

My battery for the BIOS test good, so I will wait to see if the local shop can fix the two ASPIRE ONE units.