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Acer Aspire One 725 Windows 8 partitions, which one can be deleted of Recovery/EFI/OEM?

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I bought


Acer Aspire One 725 AMD-C70/4GB

Windows 8 Single language.


There are four partitions already present on system out of box In this order

1) Recovery 400MB

2) EFI  300MB

3) Acer (CSmiley Happy Windows 8 install 450.95 GB NTFS

4) Push Button Reset (OEM) 14.00 GB NTFS


I want to install Linux (Fedora or Ubuntu) on this laptop.

As the disk is already having maximum possible primary partitions MBR can support, I have to delete on of these partitions.

Which one is not needed and can be deleted?


In Windows8 Disk Management tool, in context menu of hard disk, there is option of Convert to Dynamic Disk.


I guess this would adjust windows to use GPT instead of MBR. By Default MBR is used. As I have never used GPT and not sure whether multi boot will face any problem.


I have taken backup on external disk using these two tools

1) "Acer Backup Manager"

   "Image My Drive" feature worked good.

     I was able to create bootable USB pen drive (though did not tested booting from it, it looks like linux distro)


2) "Windows 7 File Recovery"

     "Create a system image" worked fine and took 35gb. Just saying backup took 8GB. I don't know the difference.

  But I could not create "system repair disk" as it was asking for DVD writer. I thought USB would work, but it did NOT.

As this netbook is without DVD drive having bootable USB pen drive is must need fucntion.


Considering that I have backup on external storage, which partition can I get rid of?



- Surinder

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Re: Acer Aspire One 725 Windows 8 partitions, which one can be deleted of Recovery/EFI/OEM?

Did you find out?



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Re: Acer Aspire One 725 Windows 8 partitions, which one can be deleted of Recovery/EFI/OEM?

You should be able to safely remove the OEM push button recovery. This isn't actively used unless you call it directly to try and do a recovery.

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