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Acer Aspire 5349 - 2804 crashed...

Everything was working fine yesterday and then bam... BSOD. Now my HDD is only recognized half the time in bios, and not recognized at all on Windows System Recovery (boot from disc). None of the options in System Recovery are able to see the HDD so no options have recovered my system. Thought about using my AVG PC Repair Disc but that doesn't recognize any volumes. What have I done? Please tell me there's a fix.
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Re: Acer Aspire 5349 - 2804 crashed...

Any way to restore my system?
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Re: Acer Aspire 5349 - 2804 crashed...

Have you got error message (that says reagarding Technical Information, Physical Memory dump, etc) or any STOP error code?


If yes, it could be an issue with the hardware (probably the hard drive). Bcoz, sometimes the hard drive is not getting detected in the BIOS. If you have a Windows disc or the recovery discs (from manufacturer), you may try reinstalling the Windows. If it does not find the hard drive during the installation, the hard dirve is having issues. You can contact the manufacturer or any other computer center to fix the issue.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Acer Aspire 5349 - 2804 crashed...

vvprad is right. Being a 5349 you can try to do a recovery by pressing and holding ALT, turning on the computer and then immediately tapping on F10 repeatedly. You should see the message "Windows is loading files". However as vvprad said, the fact that your HDD is only sometimes recognized by your BIOS it's entirely possible if not probable that your HDD is defective. You can try to remove the HDD and reseat it (put it back in), but short of that you're going to need either a new HDD with recovery disks or to send the unit in for repair.

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