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Acer Arcade

Hi folks,

I have an Acer 8920G (2008) with blu ray drive running Vista 32. It came with Acer Arcade software which enabled me to play blu ray movies. I have not used this feature for a while now. It is unable to play blu rays now - I have updated the software but it still says a critical component needs updated - then fails to update with the patch provided by the software provider. Has this been a common issue?

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has been able to overcome this problem or can shed some light on it.

John B

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Re: Acer Arcade

Have you attempted a manual update by visiting this site?

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Re: Acer Arcade

Hi all, i buy it a Acer Aspire 8920G without drivers i download it for my W7 x64, but i can find the Acer Arcade Deluxe v4.1 or v5.1

My question is where can i download it coz on Cyberlink site don't exist any more


Happy New Year

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Re: Acer Arcade

Here is the arcade v4.1 make update until last version v5.1

Who need it just pm and i send the link to download Man Happy




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