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I posted the following on NCIX's Manufacturer Support forum, it's been up for almost 3 months, and I have not gotten an answer, so I am posting it here verbatim without any changes.  Maybe I'll have more luck here than I am having there.  So, without further ado:

I have the Acer V3-771G-9829, and I did speak to support, but they were not helpful at all, they told me to call Acer's "store", and they couldn't help me either.

I know some of the other V3-771G models come with a Blu-ray burner, and I'd like to replace the DVD burner in the one I have, but I'd like to know what make of Blu-ray burner you use in the other V3-771Gs, or should I just get any make as long as it's for a laptop?

The 9829 is similar to the one mentioned in the NCIX Product Showcase, although the 9829 has a GeForce GT640M, which I find strange, seeing as how the 9829 is a slightly newer model, you think it'd have the better graphics card!

On a side note, how can I change the main HDD (C) drive into an SSD, seeing as how this laptop has two HDDs, and I want to make the main drive an SSD, and keep the second HDD (D:, storage) as an HDD.


On a second side note, I know this laptop is capable of supporting 32GB of RAM, but to use all that RAM if I was to buy it, I'd need Win7 Pro x64 or Ultimate x64.  So, is it possible to upgrade the OS from Win7 HP x64 to one of the aforementioned OSes?

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