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ACER computers are crap

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Thinking buying an ACER computer?    DON’T!


If you are going to throw money away, throw it my way. I made the mistake of buying an ACER Aspire 722 Netbook and within 3-4 months, the case split and a piece fell out. Not only that but the keys stick, it’s slow even with 2 gb RAM and the touch pad has a mind of it’s own. Some programs I get a flickering line that doesn’t go away.


ACER will not back their warranty. When I called customer service, I got some east Indain guy that does his best to void your warranty starting with the case is not covered under warranty. Then he wants you to mail in your computer (at your expense) while they evaluate it for CID (customer induced damage) to void your warranty, but the excuses are endless.


I took it to a local repair shop and they said they would have to remove the screen and take the case apart which would void my warranty and recommended I contact ACER, which I did. I ended up contacting a corporate office in Texas and was given an email address of *** where I addressed my issues with ACER.


Not only did I get no response, when I emailed again, my mail was returned. They will make it impossible for you to have them honor their warranty. They will make you jump thru every hoop imaginable to not honor their product. My computer guys also said that ACER was their #1 for repairs.


Another friend of mine had endless problems with her ACER also.


Searching for ACER complaints, at this site 94% rated it horrible out of 418 reviews.


This site has 3 page of complaints and about 60 reviews, all bad.


At this site there 27 more complaints cost the consumers over $5200


At this site there are 462 bad reviews out of 501 reviews or 92% bad reviews.


At this site there are 10 terrible reviews


This site has 71 complaints and most are about quality, repair and customer service


This site has a long list of complaints


This blog had 34 bad reviews


This complaint, ACER refused delivery for service


This Better Business Bureau in Temple Texas had  963 complaints of which 136 were complaints of warranty and 80 about ser vice. And this only one of thousands of BBB’s.


This site is a PERFECT example of the BS you will get trying to get your ACER warranty/service


This website’s survey rated ACER as the WORST


So my friends, if you are going to throw your money away, don’t throw it at ACER. Now t’s time to post this letter at each of those websites (including ACERS)and I will do this every year.




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Re: ACER computers are crap

I will never ever purchase another ACER product.


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Re: ACER computers are crap

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 please repeat your searches using the term "Dell" instead of "Acer".


Now again using the term "HP".

Just to prove it  use "Lenovo".

For the record, netbooks were never meant to be fast. They were meant to be small. Since uninformed consumers like you only buy products with the most recently spammed OS, I´m guessing windows 7 in your case, they bundled it with every budget machine too. Windows 7 on 2gbs RAM? Good luck with that.

(Well, admittedly I´m also on 2gb RAM with windows 7. However, I have a 5GB page file on an SSD, whooosh!)

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Re: ACER computers are crap

Lenny, I want to commend you on your honesty in telling us that the case split.  We sometimes spend several posts helping someone before he admits that he had done something  that caused the problem. When the Acer representative told you that customer- inflicted damage is not covered by the warranty, the representative was simply telling you the truth. If you pay to ship it to Acer, they will fix what's wrong, BUT the Acer warranty REQUIRES them to fix EVERYTHING that's wrong, and it is likely that they will find other problems caused by the laptop being dropped. In my opinion, you should check the prices of new laptops, and then take it to a reputable computer shop for an estimate.



Hope this helps.
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Re: ACER computers are crap

You will find complaints about ALL makes of computers.

I've been recommending Acer to family, friends and colleagues for years with NO major problems at all (TBH most problems are caused by user error anyway).

Although I have never had the need to contact Acer support (other than a query about a keyboard, in which the help was acceptable), I can't believe a company of their size is anywhere near as bad as people make out. After all the way the industry is, companies need loyal customers, and the customer service should be excellent.
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Re: ACER computers are crap

I can only speak from experience, just like the anti-Acer brigade!

Perhaps, Acer DO need to improve their customer services - as I have said, I've never really had to deal with them as much as others have.

You will get fanboys and anti fanboys (for want of a better word) for all makes of computers.
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Re: ACER computers are crap

My friend Finlux does bring up an important point. Unless the computer simply wears out over time, there are only four causes for problems:


1) the manufacturer

2) Microsoft

3) the user

4) external devices, including WiFi broadcasters


When Microsoft can't correct a problem, they refer you to the manufacturer, even if they know that it is a software problem. We often get complaints from users who don't mention that they changed the operating system, replaced hardware, changed the BIOS, etc.

Hope this helps.
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Re: ACER computers are crap

I bought an Acer V5 for my son last month, and yesterday his machine  had the "Operating System Not Found" message. Tried contacting Acer but they have no customer service.

We, as a family, have 4 Toshiba laptops that have given us no problems (have bought a total of 9 Toshiba laptops over the years.....why I bought this Acer for my son is beyond me. It is a piece of crap. I will NEVER, EVER buy anything with the Acer name on it again.



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Re: ACER computers are crap

I can understand your frustration, but this can happen to any machine.


The parts inside are not made by Acer themselves - they are same or similar parts that are used in all makes - including Toshiba.


We do tend to read on here a lot of complaints about Customer Service, but as others have stated, people only post when things go wrong - not when things go right. Perhaps we should start a "Acer Customer Services Have Been Great" forum!!


I'd try again with customer service. What was the exact problem you were having?

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Re: ACER computers are crap

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@ finlux "...this can happen to any machine".


Sure, I guess its possible. I can only speak from personal experience, like I said in the post above I have bought 9 Toshiba laptops (currently have 4) and ALL of them have lasted at least 2 years (some longer) before the need for any sort of service. The Acer is one month old and already does not recognize the "operating system". It isn't just my son's machine that happened to be a "lemom"...going by this site (and others) Acer apparently is in the habit of making many "lemons".

It is surprising that one Acer machine (new) would encounter an "operating system Not Found" error, it is appalling that many other Acer users have the same problem, clearly indicative of it not being the case of one, single bad "lemon" machine.


I'm not here to debate the pros and cons of Acer PCs with think they are good/ no better/worse than any other all means, go ahead and buy one, I know I never will again.



@ finlux  "What was the exact problem you were having?"


Customer Service (to me) means speaking to a live person. I have 3 or 4 different phone numbers for Acer, not that they did me any good....kept getting recordings, being switched from one recorded voice to another...kept being asked to repeat info into the phone, which the "voice" did not understand or misinterpreted....this went on for what seemed 15 minutes. All I wanted was to ask someone the address of where I could take my PC in for service....

Any time I have had to contact Toshiba regarding one of their machines, a live operator answers the phone who than transfers me to a live tech who gives me info on how to fix a problem....with Toshiba I have the option of taking the machine in to their head office in Scarborough, or to dozens of different authorized service depots throughout the metro area where I live.

With Acer I can't even get ahold of anyone to ask....I tried googling "Acer authorized service depots" for my city and got nada.


I will take the PC back to Staples (where I bought it) and let them ship it to wherever .....which, no doubt will take forever.

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