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A200 locked on Iconia Tab screen

New User

A200 locked on Iconia Tab screen

I started getting an Out of Space error, so started trying to move things to an SD card & deleting things.  Nothing worked.  Support finally told me yesterday to watch a video on how to reset the thing.  The first few times, I didn't hold the volume button while unlocking the screen. (it doesn't say to) I finally tried that, and got an "Erasing userdata" message, followed by "Unrecoverable bootloader error (0x19000008)." message.  I tried to just turn it on and get as far as the Iconia Tab screen then it just stops.  I've given it 30-45 minutes, thinking it might take some time to "reboot?", but now I wonder.  This was not some el cheapo, but given the messages I'm seeing about sending in the devices, I hesitate to waste my time & money for nothing. 


Any ideas?  I won't be buying any more Acer products, I can assure you.



New User

Re: A200 locked on Iconia Tab screen

Finally took the tablet back to Best Buy, who checked it out, then sent it back for repair, or replacement.  When I got home, Acer had sent me an email with the same instructions....FINALLY!  If this is Acer Support, I won't be buying anything else Acer.  Wish I'd just waited on the Galaxy 10.1 to be restocked. <sigh>