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A100 System Update available ???

Just today, i've seen a system message that tells there is a system image update available.


Just to be sure, i've gone into Android parameters, checked system upgrade option and yep, it tells me that there is a new image available :


Image size: 56.26MB


Is this a valid Acer update or some kind of hijacking/spyware software that got into my tablet and want me to install a fake update ?


I've searched on the web and on Acer official sites without success!?

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Re: A100 System Update available ???

i download the update, now im afraid that was a virus or else , please if something comes out post , i have the tablet wifi off
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Re: A100 System Update available ???

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I got the same thing.  Hope some news comes out about it.


Edit:  Apparently we aren't the only ones wondering, Translated from Spanish thanks to google translate:


Seems to be a stability update and battery life fix?  Can anyone confirm?


And another post:

Chrome now system app.  Anything else?  It seems alright to me.

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Re: A100 System Update available ???

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Please don't.  I followed the system update and it killed my screen rotation and the Bluetooth function.  Acer doesn't publish information about their updates on the Acer US website, so no info is available. They don't want to answer any questions about that update on this forum, and there is no Acer contact to complain about defective update. I haven't seen any company that hides from their customer as well as Acer. See my post on that issue from October 13.

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