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Posts: 1 download Where is it?

According to this site, a device driver "fix" is suppose to be available for the Acer V3-571G wireless to resolve consistant disconnects. Where is it?

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Re: download Where is it?



Nowhere to be seen it would appear. The bit I read says "coming soon". I clicked on the tab to be informed of its arrival so here's hoping.


I have a thread on this forum too discussing the same IRRITATING constant disconnection problem.


I'll keep you posted.

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Re: download Where is it?

I found it offered under Live Updater but didn't accept the download since I couldn't find out enough about it. You can see more information on my post from earlier today under the topic s7-391 wifi problems. If it works, please do let us know!

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Re: download Where is it?

I got my Acer s7-391 today. The Wifi was just keep disconnecting, I check the driver version which is


So I think Acer still not fix the problem with this driver at all.

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Re: download Where is it?

Live Updater prompted me to install late last night.


Stupidly I agreed, thought it might be a fix, but lo and behold this morning I'm having the same wifi problems as before.


Think I'll need to go bac to one of the earlier drivers I downloaded.

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