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how to bypass a bios password on acer aspire one d260

hello. this laptop was bought a almost 2 years ago from a pawn shop. the mouse pad doesnt work so they gave a wireless mouse with it. now the system has crashed and it wont boot! it wont repair itself, or nothing. got ready to use the disk to install the os fresh and a blue box popped up that says enter current password!

how do i get around that to try and fix the laptop? its a  ( acer aspire one D260 )

please help.

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Re: how to bypass a bios password on acer aspire one d260

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Bios password is a security feature and therefore can only be removed by Acer. You can take it to your local Acer Repair Centre. They will also need the Proof of purchase for security reasons. Also note that Acer will charge you for a bios password removal as this is user error.




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