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Windows 8 Upgrade disabled WiFi and USB 3

Hi I just bought an Acer ASpire Notebook V3-571-6486 with pre-loaded Windows 7. I was told that I can upgrade to Windows 8 for a special price of $15. When I tried to install the upgrade, Windows 8 incapacitated the wifi adapter and also the usb 3 driver. How can I retrieve these drivers to get going again with my Windows 8? Also, can I download a different wifi adapter?


Thanks for you help on this or if you know in the forum that has this problem, please show me where to go.



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Re: Windows 8 Upgrade disabled WiFi and USB 3

Well, here is an article discussing how to fix the wireless problem after upgrading to Windows 8 on the Acer support site, For the USB 3.0, you can "try" the Windows 7 driver they have posted for the USB 3.0 to see if it will work. When you upgraded did you use the Acer Upgrade Assistant or the Windows Upgrade Assistant by chance, I'm just curious.

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