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W510 accessories and Acer Store

I need a second power supply, a car cigarette lighter charger, and a second usb cable for a W510. The Acer Store does not list any of these. Are there accessory items available ? Is the power connector on the bottom the same as another device ? YWTK.

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Re: W510 accessories and Acer Store

As you note, we presently do not have any of the items listed available in the Acer Store.


The power connector on the bottom is a DC-in/dock connector. 

We do not have any other systems utilizing the same connector at this time.

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Re: W510 accessories and Acer Store

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Is there a reason I cannot even buy a spare power supply ? RSN maybe ?


BTW the connector seems the same as used for a Viewsonic G-Tab and the Malata DS-A002 dock & the 12v supply is the same though I suspect the pinout is different. Could Acer please provide information on the pinout of the dock connector ?

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