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Loose Power Cord connection

New User

Loose Power Cord connection

Hi all, I'm new to the community. I'm just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the power cord on the Aspire S3 951-6646 being really loose in the connection to the ultrabook. Mine is doing this and sometimes won't charge unless I keep checking to see if it's plugged in making contact.

Overclocked Contributor

Re: Loose Power Cord connection

There should be a little metal post inside the power plug hole on your computer. See if it wiggles. If it does, it is most likely broke and needs to be replaced. Either way you would probebly need to talk to tech support to see if you can't get a new AC Adapter for your computer, or repair for your power plug hole on your comptuer.

Supercomputer Wrangler

Re: Loose Power Cord connection

Good day


If the DC pin inside the computer is loose, that will not be repaired under warranty as that will fall under physical damage. You dont get poor manufacturing defects on these models. Possible causes of the DC pin being loose is if the unit was dropped (not very high) on the side where the charger goes in whilst the charger was plugged in, or unit bumped into something such as a wall while the charger was plugged in, or excessive force applied when connecting the charger.


But you can take it for assessment at Acer, but at my own discreation, i do see possible charges.