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Laptop will not boot properly

I have an Acer 6935g laptop with windows 7. When I go to boot my laptop, it powers on but nothing shows up on the screen, unless I take out the battery and put it back in few seconds later and then power up. I have to do this every time and it usually works properly after that but not always . I have tried a clean reinstall of windows 7 and have flashed an updated version of my bios but still the problem persists. I would appreciate if anyone had any help or advice that might solve this problem. Thanks Conor
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Re: Laptop will not boot properly

Good day


You need to replace the mainboard. Please double -check the warranty with your local acer technical support because i still have my machine and it came standard with 3 year warranty as its a Gemstone.




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Re: Laptop will not boot properly

Do you have the ac adapter plugged in when this happens? If it is not, then maybe the battery is not connecting to the contacts right. If that is the case, then it sounds like the bottom case is not aligned right. I'd take it to a local tech to see if they can't find what is going on. There are too many variables for this problem.

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Re: Laptop will not boot properly

I am just out of warranty. I have tried it without the battery in and just the ac cable in and with the ac plugged out and the battery in. Problem the same.
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