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Acer A500 frozen at start-up

I've had my A500 for a year now, and this is the first time I have had this issue.

The tablet was fine yesterday, having no obvious issues.

Today, when I try to turn it on, it stays frozen at either the ACER load screen, or the ANDROID load screen.

I've tried restarting it, resetting it multiple times, but it still will not proceed past the load screen.

I was hoping theremight be some solution to the issue that would not require sending it out to be repaired, as my warranty expired three weeks ago.

If it still must be sent out, how do I find out how much it would cost me to repair?

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Re: Acer A500 frozen at start-up

You can try a hard reset of your tablet using the instructions available at If that does not resolve your issue, I recommend you contact Acer technical support, and they can advise of any pricing related to repairs.






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Re: Acer A500 frozen at start-up

I am having a similar issue, and know I need repairs on my A500 that is 8 days out of do you go about scheduling an out of warranty repair thorugh acer when the website basically shows you the door the moment it registers that you are out of warranty?

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