turning on issue (charger plug dependent)

hi, so my laptop's battery is broken so i am now charger cord dependent, which means i can't turn it on without plugging in. so my main problem is that before my battery got busted, i only need to press the power button once then my laptop turns on. now that it relies on plugging in by the charger, i need to press twice. first the screen turns on from black with no power to black with background light. then it's suppose to show the ACER logo to continue till the user log in. but it doesn't, so what i do is i press the power button again and it shuts down then press it again to turn on. this time it continues till the ACER logo and user log in. i tinkered with my laptop going to command prompt and manually rebooting the settings to fix my "battery not detected" status which i found out later that it was really broken after going to a computer repair shop. did i mess up my laptop? or that's just how it is since my battery is broken. 

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    Hi @Radsison29

    It seems like you encountered black screen at startup.

    Firstly, you can just try unplug the battery from the laptop and then try and power on with only the power cord plugged in. If it works without the battery plugged in, then most likely your battery needs to be replaced.

    If you still have a black screen, keep the battery unplugged and proceed to the next step.

    Method 1: Unplug the power cord, turn the laptop over and take the hard drive out of the machine, then power the system back on again.
    Method 2: Unplug the power cord, turn the laptop over, then remove your RAM modules and put them back in.
    Method 3: Another thing you can try is to re-flash the laptop's BIOS. 

    For more methods, check out post How to Solve Windows 10 Booting to a Black Screen.
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