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Looking for a USB Wifi dongle that is compatible with Chromebook R11 with OS 76.

Laura4SLaura4S Posts: 4Member New User
My chromebook does not connect to Wifi (shows no available networks) and my Wifi dongle suddenly stopped working (possibly after updates.) Looking for a Wifi USB dongle that works for Chromebook R11 OS 76 with no disk drive installation. I have tried a few and the chromebook does not recognize them. I have already done initial troubleshooting (powerwashing, checking for updates, etc). 
Thank you!

FAQ & Answers

  • TECH_MANTECH_MAN Posts: 447Ally
    If you have access to your router's settings, these tweaks often solve the problem:
    1. A firmware update in the router can sometimes fix compatibility issues.
    2. If your router is dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) assign a different SSID to each band. This will let you choose the band and see if one works better than the other for your location in your house. 5GHz does not travel through walls and floors well.
    3. In the WiFi security settings, make sure that your encryption is set to WPA2-PSK with AES Encryption. Disable TKIP if it is enabled. You may have to select WPA/WPA2. Do not select WPA only.
    4. Disable WPS.
    5. Disable WMM/QoS
    6. Check (or temporarily disable) firewall settings to see if ports or sites are being blocked that may impact normal internet use.
    7. Change the name servers from your ISP's default to Google's servers, and
    8. Save the changes and reboot the router
    9. Reboot the Chromebook
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