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Upgrading my mid end devce to max, can you help me?


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  • VinuVPMVVinuVPMV Member Posts: 43 Devotee
    @Deejay_tech i have checked it in all the forum available in the acer community for A315 53G motherboard they have 1 M.2 slot (no confirmation for all models) those have the port only supports the max speed of 6000Gbits this is it supports the speed of SATA III same as of HDD SATA III port. it doesnt matter if we install in M.2 slot or HDD sata slot all the SSD will be underclocked to max speed of SATA 3. That may be the reason your samsung 970 evo bottle necked at the same data speed of hynix.

    Now maximum capacity support, per acer official test it supports upto 250GB (samsung 860 evo) 2280 is the best choice  (2280 better heat discipation and data transfer because of the length of chip)
    in one forum one user was able to successfully install 512 GB ssd in m.2 slot, no other confirmation yet. As per op for this laptop the max is 250 GB however he mentoned it may support higher capacity
    some crucial and adata high capacity ssd not supported, for one user 860 evo 1TB was supported, i thinks its like luck or something :smiley:

    anyway i am concerned about if my model number has M.2 slot other than HDD sata port. since i have dedicated GPU card i am afraid if the used M.2 port to install it or something. if it is free i will try samsung 860 evo 500gb 2280 ssd. since NVME not supported.
    i just want a confirmation by someone as GPU uses different port and i have an empty M.2 slot in my system  :p
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  • Deejay_techDeejay_tech Member Posts: 356 Seasoned Practitioner
    graphic chip is soldered on the mainboard.
    m.2 slot is free.

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