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Acer Predator 21x - hardware

I signed up just for this but, I speak for multiple enthuiast from notebookreview forum.


nowadays, laptop OEM is being pressured by Intel go use their trashy BGA mobile soldered CPU, the quality of those chip and silicone used in them are ABSOLUTE JUNK in comparison to desktop counter part, TDP IS NOT AN EXCUSE, design a better heatsink for it.


these laptop mobile cpu not only limit the frequency via power throttling or uses way too much voltage for a tiny bit of overclock, which is a joke.  for example, top of the line ASUS GX800 6820HK 45W TDP would need 1.45v for a 4.3GHz overclocking, while desktop counter part 6700K 91W TDP some chips average 1.35v for 4.7GHz overclock, and because of less voltage, it runs MUCH MUCH cooler.


requests are:

- Given Acer predator 21x is so thick, there should be NO EXCUSE why it can't hold a desktop CPU for the highest performance possible

- Please do not, ever offer BGA soldered hardware especially on graphics card or CPU

- Be creative, curved display and mechanical keyboard is great, but be high end not only in unique looks/design, also high end in hardware, desktop class CPU or usage of broadwell HEDT or the upcoming skylake HEDT with 6-8 cores CPU.

- better cooling, currently 2 fans in for the 4 SSDs, 1 fan each for each GPU exhaust and 1 fan for CPU exhaust total to 3, make it 4 fans in total on exhaust similar to P570WM.

- pls also put in at least TWO 2.5" 7-9.5mm storage in this laptop..

- Don't mind if it's thicker, bigger the better, its already so big anyway.


these are the future improvements i would like to see.. if there is ever a refresh on the 21x lineup. us enthuiast would love it and jump on it. soldered hardware CPU/GPU is what makes us NOT want to buy, this is VERY important, I refuse to spend even a penny on a laptop I cant even replace CPU without having to replace entire motherboard.



  • OZTomgOZTomg Posts: 1Member

    I do agree with Torque from his idea, us high end performance user will need CPU and GPU that are not soldered on, and performance hit isn't even the only issue. I have owned over 30 laptops over the last 13 years and this is from my experience, motherboard is the piece that is most prone to break and have most issue, BY FAR.


    think about this, GTX 1080 cost $1200-$1300 each, two GTX 1080 is $2500, and CPU is around $350, motherboard is $600.  if a tiny part of motherboard fails and requires a replacement, due to CPU & 2x GPUs are soldered, EVERYTHING gets replaced. so replacing 1 motherboard would cost upward $3000 to $3500.


    ACER, I am ulterly disappointed what the company is trying to do, I was ready to make a huge purchase, $6000-$7000 on this laptop until I saw this article "http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/laptops/mechanical-animal-why-acer-created-the-outrageous-predator-21-x-1327838" and they mentioned soldering CPU/GPU.


    I will screenshot this post so just to make sure it doesn't get deleted... as I have experienced it before, consumer who spend this much money for premium hardware deserves to know, they are buying into something they'll get screwed over later.

  • hwjunkieshwjunkies Posts: 1Member

    I was extremely excited this laptop had it all, curved screen, large display, mechanical keyboard, and two power supply enough for overclocking until I read the interview article thats posted here, soldered CPU and GPU now we can't even replace them if they break.  Such a good design only to be ruined with soldered hardware, sorry to say I will skip out on buying this because of soldered CPU/GPU.  Maybe Acer will have a refresh version of this laptop to use MXM socket for graphics card and non-soldered CPU, like a desktop socket CPU.

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for your feedback, folks!  We do appreciate your comments, good or bad.  And no, we do NOT delete posts just because they are not positive.  Nasty and obscene, yes.  But you guys have been quite polite in your messages.


    So the MAIN message I take away from your feedback is... Use pluggable top-end desktop CPU's for maximum performance and upgradability.  That's a hot suggestion ... but I'm pretty sure we can keep it cooled.  I'm sharing this with our Gaming team for future design consideration.  Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

  • oleNBRoleNBR Posts: 2Member

    i registered just to say this that i agree with not using soldered cpu and GPU in laptop, its idiotic not be able to upgrade or replace just one part.  its good to see other people on this too

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks all!  This is great feedback and our gaming design team has been informed.

  • bobthedespotbobthedespot Posts: 1Member

    Absolutely 100% agree with all the comments above. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this if the parts are socketed vs soldered. Hell, I'd even consider buying it with the parts soldered and then modding it to be socketed... could probably flip the units for 1500 more.


    As a two-time 3dmark HOF member and a UL certified physics compute record holder, I know what I want in a laptop. Size does matter, and I don't want a thin sexy craptop. I want the Donald Trump of laptops. My work requires power and my ADD demands speed. That just won't happen in a small package. I don't want to hear my fans, and I don't care about boot times. I want a semi-truck, not a sports car. I want to use this laptop for my next world record.


    Don't make this beautiful laptop bga. Just don't. 


    p.s. - if you need help setting up the vbios, I have nvidia's API under an NDA (as a dev), and I'd be more than willing to help with the production of the laptop. PM me. Smiley Happy

  • trevoskytrevosky Posts: 1Member

    @above, I complete agree with the idea.  I only care about pure performance and soldered graphics card and processor which prevents upgrade is a no go for me. thickness is not a problem.


    @Acer, I have few questions I wanted to ask:


    1. according to your take away you have mentioned about enthuiasts wanting to use high end desktop processor in Acer 21x but did not mention about using socketed graphics card.  high end notebook like GT83VR uses MXM slot for graphics card, can't Acer 21x use the same?


    2. what are the chances of these changes be made in time for when this laptop gets released? or was it already too late that we have to wait for next generation? I know for a fact that skylake-HEDT processors won't come around until mid 2017 so if this comes out early 2017 then at best we get broadwell-HEDT or a skylake desktop processor, assuming if there are changes to be made.

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for the added feedback, TD.  You comments have been passed along for future reference, however, I am pretty sure that the current design is much too far along for a change of this nature.  It is surprising how long a product development cycle is for a device of this complexity.  Late changes have to be pretty minor to fit into the cycle.  Thanks again.

  • hooi_laehooi_lae Posts: 4Member

    i guess at this point we can't expect non-soldered hardware in Jan 2017 release.


    i'll wait until i see a desktop HEDT skylake-X cpu and socketed graphics card before i buy one.  hope to see acer make the right decision and not tarnish their enthuiast brand.

  • hooi_laehooi_lae Posts: 4Member

    of course sorry to say i will skip out buying it this time around.


    skylake-X with 8-10 core cpu is coming out 2nd half of 2017 aorund June, same goes with new graphics card so maybe we'll see some changes then.

  • laptopenthuiastlaptopenthuiast Posts: 29Member Troubleshooter

    where do you guys see that it has soldered graphics card and processor? is this confirmed?

  • talguotalguo Posts: 5Member

    @Acer ;idea manager

    why is the Acer 17x thats coming out carries 3 PCIE SSDs and has space for two 2.5" SATA SSDs "http://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Predator-17-X-with-Core-i7-7820HK-Kaby-Lake-specifications-leak.187823.0.html"  but the 21x only has 4 PCIE SSDs?  do you know if there are any 2.5" slots because I still mostly use 2.5" for storage and need at least a few for my harddrives.

  • ThordThord Posts: 1Member


    100% subscribing to the posted comments/suggestions

    I would also (as a few people I know too),buy the coming product(Predator 21x)if only the CPU/GPU are not soldered.

    Will you go for the soldered solution the end product,even if a good one, will miss its target as you easily can see from the sample writing here.

    So please take your time(maybe the second Q 2017)for a release date, since the new 6-10 core Cpu hits the market,adopt the MXM +pinned CPU,(throw at least that 7700K in it)option,make your own custom MXM Gpu+ MQ/MX Cpu series(if you like)for your predator Notebook gaming line in the future, and roll high.

    The soldered variant is not an option,not for this kind of High-End Product,not for this price and surely not for the target customers you aim to.

    Thanks,looking forward for an Really High-End Product in every aspect,cause any option miss is a total miss in these price ranges.

  • laptopenthuiastlaptopenthuiast Posts: 29Member Troubleshooter

    this thread dead or something acer stopped replying?

  • MrCsabaTothMrCsabaToth Posts: 2Member

    I regsitered just to comment here. I like big screen and owned/own Clevo P180HM, Clevo P570WM, MSI GT80S Titan. I did upgrade memory, SSD, and in the P570WM even GPU and display. My wishlist:


    1. I personally wouldn't mind the soldered CPU and GPU. I wouldn't upgrade the 1080 anywhere anyway. As for the CPU, someone was asking for dekstop CPU. He also mentioned that he wants silent fans. The P570WM has a desktop CPU with 135W TDP, but the fans can be loud. Personally I'd be fine something in the level of the i7 6820HK I have in the Titan. Something which can be powerful but is silent when idle. I'm not going for overclocking, but rather silent idle operation if that's possible. The rig will be powerful anyway.


    2. The Titan has a Cherry MX brown mechanical keyboard, and everyone is mezmerized by it. But I'm not super excited about it. I'd prefer a high quality chicklet, which doesn't have noise preferably. One advantage of the chicklet keyboard would be that it could be positioned more towards the center. The photos I saw about the 21 X shows so extremely off-center keyboard, that for me it'd be a deal breaker. I don't say to resort strictly to a centered chicklet, but please make that a configurable option during the order process. If there is space for the machanic, there will be place for the chicklet. The best would be an ergonomic chicklet, which would have space for the curvature.


    2.5. Since the display is curved, could we select Microsoft ergonomic mechanic keyboard? That has a curvature which would play along with the screen.


    3. Speaking about configurability, I'd prefer to select Intel wifi. That won't have problems with Linux. I'm jsut throwing this out because I don't want to see exclusive Killer Wireless. That almost can kill Linux. Same for the sound card. I'd rather go for some regular built-in solution than some exotic ***** without proper driver support for Linux.


    4. Please offer a backpack. I wouldn't want a hand bag for this, I know such backpack will be big, but I can handle it. THe reason I'd buy such laptop is because a couple of times a week I'd carry it. When we carry it, The protection of the curved screen is important, I'd imagine some foam insert which fills the void between the keyboard


    (5. I'd pay any amount of extra, if the laptop could have a built-in GPS, the GPS antenna could be on one side of the display where one of the wifi antenna is, and the GSM antenna is in the other side with the other side. The electronics would be powered by the battery. If that's not offered, I'd need to mod it by myself, but I always prefer factory built solutions due to warranty)


  • MrCsabaTothMrCsabaToth Posts: 2Member

    + extra question: where can the X 21 ordered exactly?

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    No, the thread ain't dead.  We are soaking up all of your comments, and with great appreciation.  There isn't much that I can comment on or respond to at this point, beyond what I have already done, but you are all making good points.  I'm glad to review and forward your views to the gaming design team.  If you go to the Predator page on our site you can sign up to get notices about 21X news and announcements.  This should help you locate the product when it becomes available.  Keep those cards and letters coming.

  • laptopenthuiastlaptopenthuiast Posts: 29Member Troubleshooter

    wow $8999, 9k thats alot, expected to be one of a kind laptop. kinda sad though people said are right that new graphics card will be out in a few months and also powerful desktop cpu skylake 8 cores will come out soon this is a really bad time to release laptop with older hardware if all solder cant upgrade you know?  i will buy if i could at least upgrade the most important part which is graphics and cpu

  • HardcorecustomHardcorecustom Posts: 2Member

    What ACER Present with the Predator21X is not acceptable.
    Is no market research conducted by ACER?
    The i7 7820HK runs just as hot as the 6820HK
    Googel: alienware 17 r3 6820hk overheating problems and alienware 17 r4 6820hk overheating problems
    Alienware has been lost since the beginning of 2016 by Notebooks with BGA CPU and GPU, 37% of customers
    For the price class, ACER should use an i7 7700K CPU and MXM graphics cards in the Predator21X.
    No compromise
    The housing must be made of aluminum and magnesium, and no plastic.
    I wanted to sell in Germany the Predator 21X
    The domain www.predator21x.de and www.predator21x.com are already registered
    A BGA CPU and GPU version is not an option.
    Now only remains to wait, which components ACER used in the notebook.

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