Happy Birthday Acer Community!

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Well its been one year since we launched the Acer Community and what a year it’s been! 


As I said last November, this is truly a global Community, our members now come from over 200 countries!  Check out the map below which graphically shows where our Members are visiting from.




Acer Community's first year was all about expansion.  In order to reach more Acer customers, we added German, Spanish and Portuguese communities to our English community.  


We launched our Knowledge Base which now is getting huge hits each day.  Its a great place to look for answers to common questions.  


Acer Community is also on Facebook! Yes you can read, reply and start new forum topics right from our english Acer facebook pages.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/AcerUSA/app_384701878271850 to check it out.


And finally we added Ideas.  I personally feel this is the most important expansion we put in place this year!  The reason is simple,  Acer Community discussion forums and knowledge base are focused on support.  Ideas gives us the oppurtunity to get closer to your expectations.  How should Acer change, adapt, excell?  It allows us to talk directly to you and consider your needs and desires for future innovations and services.  


Yes, its been a great year.  Year two will see our focus shift to content and making Acer Community not only a great place to get support but a fun place to visit.  I’m working to bring contests, polls, expert interviews and blogs that are educational and fun to read.  


But in the end, a community is made up of its members.  That’s what this celebration is all about.  As a member, you have access to thousands of Acer owners, most of them happy to help you or just chat about shared interests.  Happy Birthday Acer Community!


  • CharithaCharitha Member Posts: 131 Enthusiast

    Happy BirthDay ..... Acer Community.. Smiley Happy

  • Phil-3Phil-3 Member Posts: 1,181 Skilled Practitioner


    Happy Birthday, Acer Community!



    And Best Wishes to all of our Community Members and ACEs who have made it a success!




  • kellarllnkellarlln Member Posts: 13


    2.3 million likes on your fb page & found 15 of my friends already there! Apps for tech service & support.  Great idea!  Your community is Win! Win!

  • tontytotstontytots Member Posts: 77 Troubleshooter
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    Yes, a happy birthday to you all...now fix the problems as a prezzy for us all please!

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