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Acer Community Rank

Acer-BradAcer-Brad Posts: 345Administrator, Moderator Community Administrator
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You may have noticed that each member who posts content to the Acer Community is assigned a rank.  This Rank is an easy way to quickly identify the level of contribution a member has made to our Community.  


Each member's rank can be found directly under the member name.  For example, below Red-Sand you can see the rank of Skilled Specialist.  This member has earned this ranking by answering a certain number of posts, receiving a certain number of kudos and being online a certain amount of time among other criteria.  


You can be sure that Red-Sand has put in considerable time creating quality posts as judged by their peers based on his rank. 


The Community rank structure is designed as a hierarchy starting from the time a member initially registers (Visitor tier) until they reach the top tier of Guru.  There are several levels within each of the 24 tiers.



New User





Die Hard



Skilled Fixer

Mr. Fixit


Skilled Practitioner

Seasoned Practitioner


Skilled Specialist

Seasoned Specialist

Valued Contributor

High-End Contributor

Overclocked Contributor

Mainframe Wrangler

Supercomputer Wrangler

Community Aficionado

Expert Leader


Also once a member reaches the Enthusiast Tier, an image is displayed next to their name.  Its the very familiar Wi-Fi image we see so frequently.  Members who have earned this image can consider it a badge of distinction.  Also as they continue to earn a higher ranking, they will see the number of waves increase from one set to four at the Overclocked Contributor rank.  



Its smart to pay attention to a member's ranking.  Our Top contributing members have worked hard to earn it.




  • LehoLeho Posts: 525Member

    I think that this has got to be considered as a work in progress.

    I note that posters with one post only are classified as FREQUENT Visitors.



  • Acer-BradAcer-Brad Posts: 345Administrator, Moderator Community Administrator

    Hi Leho,  thanks for commenting.  


    What you don't see are the other criteria that go into earning each Rank.  Also keep in mind that earning a new rank in the Visitor tier is much easier than climbing the ranks in the Contributor or Member tier.  


    So you will see new members who are active climb quickly to the Member tier.  But moving to the Contributor tier and on from there will take time, patience and solid contributions.  


    Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I assure you I will watch how things progress with this structure and make adjustments along the way.  



  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4,017ACE Pathfinder

    So how about posting the criteria please, it would help. Or are you still playing with it ? (Microsoft used to say the reason the MS-DOS Interrupts were not published was because they wanted to be able to change them. Did create a market for "Undocumented" and "Secrets" books but somehow I doubt that is going to happen here.)

  • DsurianDsurian Posts: 63Member

    I also thought the ranking system was somewhat odd starting out. All I did was create one post, but I looked around the forums a lot and edited my profile some - before I knew it, I got ~3 promotion PMs. Granted, this was in the 'Visitor tier', but I didn't really comprehend how I was being so honored for doing practically nothing.


    So, I guess it makes sense that the number of page views and daily forum visits by a single user may help out their rank, but whatever else the criteria may consist of, it may also need some minor changes. And Brad, or any other Acer Admin, probably won't tell us exactly what that criteria is just so that there won't be any purposeful exploitation...

  • wiswis Posts: 714Member Seasoned Specialist
    edited October 2018
    Czar Peter the Great was the first monarch who rewarded meritorious service with a medal.  He thought that a little bit of metal & a strip of ribbon were far more cost effective than grants of land or cash or jewels.

    Positive reinforcement is preferable to decapitating unruly subjects yourself or having the Czarevich tortured to death.
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