Acer Declared “Service-Champion” and Also Wins German Fairness Award 2020

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Acer was granted a “Service Champion” gold medal for being rated in the top 3 for services in the electronics industry. To determine the rankings, one of Germany’s biggest newspapers, Die Welt, worked with a market research firm to survey over 600,000 participants about more than 4,000 companies, which makes it the largest service ranking in Germany to date. Customers who had interacted with a given company within the last three years were eligible for the survey.

Acer also won the German Fairness Award 2020 and placed amongst the top 3. A local media outlet and the German Institute for Social Quality gathered more than 55,000 customer opinions to determine which of the 800 companies treat their customers most fairly. Customers were asked about price-performance ratio, transparent handling of product features, contractual services and prices, and the company's reliability in terms of product and complaint management.

These awards were made possible by the in-house service center in Ahrehnsburg, the location of Acer’s headquarters in Germany. In addition to technical know-how, the center’s reliable and informative email/phone service, timely and first-class repair services, advisory competence, friendliness, and an overall customer-first mindset enabled Acer to stand out amongst other companies operating in Germany.

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