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Acer Japan Presents: ConceptD Creators’ Story – CG Video Creators Ishii Takahide & Hosokai Tadayuki

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A crossover between traditional performing arts and advanced technology

Tangent inc. creates “high value-added videos” using advanced technology that adds information to real scenes and sensations. Ishii Takahide, who mainly produces music videos, and Hosokai Tadayuki, who produces 3D stereoscopic images, the company was founded in search of extraordinary images. The two co-chairs have produced video using the ConceptD 500 desktop and ConceptD CP7 monitor.

Extraordinary images that stimulate the five senses

Mr. Ishii, performs everything from video planning and editing to production. "In the beginning, artists' music videos were new and extraordinary, and the production itself was very enjoyable, but with the passage of time, music videos became increasingly commonplace. I wanted to create the 'next extraordinary', so I established this company.” Under the keyword “the next extraordinary”, Ishii focused on human sensations other than sight and hearing. "I want to create a work that can express not only seeing and listening, but also the touch and smell of the human senses, which can express something deeper in an image."

Mr. Ishii founded Tangent, and Mr. Hosokai produces 3D stereoscopic images. "Originally, I was producing images that would pop out when viewed through red and blue glasses," says Hosokai, a pioneer in 3D stereoscopic images in Japan. This time, they created a piece that combines the past and the present, making use of the traditional performing arts of Japanese dance and the production of light using advanced technology. "Using Japanese dance, a culture unique to the Japanese people, we pursued the beauty of 'silence', the essence of the Japanese people."

The work "What is Peace for you?", Created with ConceptD 500 and ConceptD CP7, gives an impression of this experiment.

Artist Profile
Tangent inc.
Tangent inc. was established in 2012 by Ishii Takehide, a video producer and Hosokai Tadayuki, a CG creator. Always pursuing new images, planning and editing images, CG, AR, VR. Produces works that use advanced technology, such as Goshuin x AR and Ukiyoe x VR.

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ConceptD 500

  • Intel® Core™ i9 Processor
  • NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 GPU

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