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Acer Modernizes Fire Protection in Sparkassen Arena, Germany

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Acer hardware system designed to improve fire safety at event halls, shopping malls, airports and industrial plants.

Acer’s Rescue and Safety Control (RASC) fire system was installed in Sparkassen Arena, one of the biggest event halls in northern Germany, in November 2019. The installation consists of 26 Large Format Displays and Chromebox signage players that are capable of displaying over 200 easy-to-understand signals to help guide visitors to safety in the event of an emergency. RASC marks a significant improvement over older systems in its flexibility: When in “non-rescue” mode, it can be used for promotion or advertising.

RASC adapts dynamically to the respective hall seating as well as to a variety of dangerous scenarios, from fires to bomb threats. The system determines the safest escape routes from the hall, depending on the current situation, in seconds. These routes are then displayed to visitors via Acer Chromebox on Acer DV533 Digital Signage displays. Furthermore, green LED strips light up to make it easier to find routes to safety and red LED strips display which exits should not be used.

The software was developed by Acer partners Imagine Digit and Schlüter + Thomsen Fire Protection, experts in engineering safety, and the system itself runs on two computers specially designed to integrate with the hall’s fire detection technology. In the case of Sparkassen-Arena, RASC calculates the safest evacuation routes out of 229,080 possibilities within milliseconds. RASC has the potential to be a real life saver, although it will hopefully never need to be used. 

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