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acer care center must be upgraded!!! man this is crazy

kayleekaylee Posts: 5Member New User
edited November 2018 in Acer Ideas
first of all
I'm telling u this is my first time to buy acer laptop
(Aspire 5, a515-52-54kr, i5-8th gen)
I usually used LG, lenovo's laptop
they had options like charge battery in 80% in basic option. bios or program.
but acer doesn't it.
I tried so hard to find it. and what I found is, acer had the options!
but not for all acer users! only for some mid ranged, high end users! 
aspire series can't use that options but swift users do! in acer care center!

what XXXXXX is that?!
acer is crazy.
u know what? u must compete with other company not in your company dude!
all of lenovo users can use that options!
all of LG users can use that option! 
u know what? charging option (like charge battery in 50~80 option) is just basic.
basic of basic!

if u don't mind of this really basic thing.
u can't win other company. even acer has great price and specs.
I wish acer consider the options for every acer users!
 I hope acer could listen for the Truth, and also Advice.

acer must know, dell, lenovo, lg, samsung, asus has it.
except acer. man. this kind of problem made me so mad. so mad! 

you must know how I felt.
even I bought new laptop.
searching for some utility like  limited charge battery program
from other company's. LG, DELL, ASUS, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, SONY
Even I found and install it, I can't install it. because, my laptop is from you ACER.
you must know and how I felt.
if you don't mind of customers like me. u gonna lost not only one but also min 100 customers
near your customers.
please think it from the customer's sight

I will expect for change,
I expect on acer is open for customers and 
ready for fight with other company.

you guys are great. great price, specs.
but need some SW! 
I will wait for your opinion. thanx


  • Acer-MannyAcer-Manny Posts: 2,135Acer Crew Acer Crew
    Hi kaylee,

    Thanks for the input, we will pass the message to the design team for consideration.


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