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White or Silver versions of the Predator monitor models

FadingLight704FadingLight704 Posts: 1Member New User
Hi! I'm new here but  I've been playing PC for several years. I was looking through the products here and I didn't see any white monitors on your product pages. 

I think this would be profitable for you, because it grants users the option for different colors other than the typical black for the monitor. I understand that it would cost money for this material to be painted white. So maybe you could do a "test" of some sort. At any rate, I was massively disappointed when I did not see a white monitor, specifically from the Predator series as those monitors look beautiful. Please make the monitors capable of eSports quality. (I.e 144 Hz, 1 ms response etc.) I've scoured the internet for something like this and I could only turn up the Qnix Curved Captain from Korea.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you're not a Acer Employee, I would love to hear your thoughts on a professional gaming white monitor and if you support this make it known in the comments!


  • Acer-MannyAcer-Manny Posts: 1,642Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    Hi FadingLight704,

    Thanks for the input, we do value your suggestions.  i don't have any information that Acer is working on a White Gaming monitor but we are releasing a white special edition Predator Helios Laptop .


    You can check more details #[email protected] here.

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