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How about providing proper documentation on the product web page or in the user manual?

rumplestiltsrumplestilts Posts: 1Member

Here's a novel idea that Acer just hasn't seen fit to implement: How about providing complete specifications on the product webpage -and- in the user manual?


As an example of what they do not provide (but should):


Product: R5-571T-57Z0

What are the various resolutions and maximum refresh rates possible with an external HDMI connection?


You'd think it would be in the "Answers" up here but, nope, only an -opinion- by another user but, in that thread, -nothing- from an Acer employee who should know this. This is a shame, as I really like Acer products; the lack of information, however, makes it difficult to purchase more.



  • acamsysacamsys Posts: 2Member New User
    edited January 22
    Dear Sir/Ms,

    I can't find product picture or drawing to show all the ports, ie. USB audio, video etc of Swift 3 SF315-51G.

    Can I download from Acer website?

    Thanks and regards.

    Michael Pang
    email: XXXXXXXXXXX

    [Post edited to remove inappropriate or personal content -Acer-Manny]

  • acamsysacamsys Posts: 2Member New User
    I can only find the Setup Guide in the box but it is very very very very ... simple!
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