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Download Acer Care Center

DaveOzricDaveOzric Posts: 8Member
edited March 2018 in Acer Ideas

This is unreal that you can't download this if you had to replace the hard drive on an Acer computer.


What gives? All major players like Dell and HP allow you to install their driver update software on a OS that you installed. I do NOT want to manually look for updates to the drivers.


Get er done!


  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for being in touch, Dave.  I'm not quite sure what you mean, so can you please provide some more details?  We certainly do provide drivers for you to download, so I'm not clear about your issue.  Please help me understand.

  • DaveOzricDaveOzric Posts: 8Member

    Well, I have been buying only Acer computers lately, only getting my clients to buy Acer laptops lately and ALL are getting SSD to replace the slow HDD that comes with them.


    Acer needs a driver utility that you can install on an Acer computer to check for updates to the drivers, etc.


    Now when you put a new drive in you can get a FREE version of Windows 10 from Microsoft. So I am sure as heck not going to pay you $44 for OS replacement disk.


    All the big players have such software you can download and install on the machines. HP, Dell, etc. So I was hoping since you are a big player now could follow suite and help out your loyal customers.


    Make more sense?

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for the follow up, Dave.  And a BIG Thank You for your support and promotion of Acer products.  That is great to hear!


    I have to admit that I'm still a bit confused however.  We do have the Acer Care Center utility that can be downloaded and installed on most newer systems.  It doesn't cover some older models and further development is still on-going, but since it sounds like you are dealing with newer units here, it seems like it should work for you.


    So let's get some specifics, if you wouldn't mind.  What model(s) are you having a problem with?  What is the exact problem you see when you install the Acer Care Center software on the upgraded device?  This will help our ACC guys to get you the answer.  Thanks Dave.

  • DaveOzricDaveOzric Posts: 8Member

    First off, the confusing part is nowhere on your site is a link to download this Acer Care Center software. The page that has the description has no link.




    Further more it states on this page at the bottom:

    * Acer Care Center can be installed on any Acer consumer PC that was manufactured after 2014 and runs Windows 8.1 or any more recent Windows OS.


    What's even more frustrating then spending 1/2 hour looking for this missing link is having to contact support (chat) and spending another 20 minutes to have them tell me it's not possible to download it and is not compatible with anything but your default OS install and I would have to buy a copy of yours for it to work.


    A nice volunteer in the forum gave me a link that is nowhere to be found on Google or your site to download it. However on both Acer Laptops it says "Not Supported" when installing.


    No idea what the deal is but I have a brand new laptop I just bought and am putting in a SSD and using the MS download of Windows 10 Home and will see. The laptop I bought last week was the same deal and said "Not Supported" so I am confused by your statement about it being downloaded and installed. Where's the link? Maybe the link the volunteer gave was an outdated version. My personal laptop is an Acer but is about 1.5 years old and says "Not Supported" I did not try my daughers 6 month old Acer yet. She has Win 8.1 and I guess that would be a good test.


    The whole thing is very frustrating since I am selling your products like crazy.

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for the clarification, Dave.  There does seem to be an issue here, as well as communication problems.  I have gotten in touch with our software and website folks to get this fixed.  Thanks for your patience and clear explanations.

  • steviestevie Posts: 1Member

    well its not fixed yet mate because i have 2 hours trying to get this care center download no where can i find and knows where to get it every one is having big problems on this site with the lack of support from acer manifacture its disgusting 

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    So here is what I have learned ... Acer Care Center was launched for OEM Windows 8 x64、Windows 8 x86、Windows 8.1 x64、Windows 8.1 x86 (not include ARM version).  The issue may not be that the HDD was changed, but that the  a non OEM version of Windows was installed.  The Acer factory Recovery Media should install the image with Acer Care Center if the unit came with it.

  • lipmat1lipmat1 Posts: 1Member

    How can I get Acer factory reset recovery media? I have installed an enterprise win 10 on my switch 10e so Acer Care Center can not be installed on my laptop either.

  • paulpdpaulpd Posts: 2Member New User
    I also had a hard disk failure 4 weeks after the end of warranty. I swallowed buying a new hard disk but now find that I cannot download Acer Care Centre [without paying for a recovery disk] and have found by experience that links to downloads on your website still lead nowhere. This needs sorting out. What can I do ?
  • LucovanLucovan Posts: 1Member New User
    This is kind of an old thread but here is how you download Acer Care Center:

    You go to the Acer driver downloads page:


    Then enter your ACER laptop info, if you can't find it there is a tool you can download at the bottom that will tell you this information.

    Then under Applications you will see Acer Care Center as a download option if it's compatible with your Acer PC.

    Hope this helps! Took me a few minutes to figure it out myself.
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