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Splash Screen On / Off

bakathbakath Posts: 6Member New User
edited March 2018 in Acer Ideas

 I would like the ability to turn off the splash screen when you turn on your monitor. I recently returned your G Sync 4k monitor as I found the screen to annoying to deal with. I also no longer use your Nvidia 3d 1080P monitor for the same reason. In the case of the 4k model it shows you your desktop for a moment before displaying the splash screen making it even more annoying.


 There is a logo on the bezel of the display along with the fact that I purchased it so I know what monitor I own, I do not see the need to be reminded of it each time it powers on while at the same time being delayed from using my system when there is no need for it.


 Very interested in your upcoming 21:9 Gsync monitor but will be unable to purchase if I have to deal with the splash screen. No other monitors I own from other manufacturers force me to wait to use my computer for an advertisement.


 I understand you might want it on the monitor for some reason but add the function to turn it off.





  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    That is a surpisingly intense reaction to this situation, bakath.  I'm not downplaying your opinion at all, I'm simply wanting to understand it better.  Can you tell me a bit more about WHY this brief flash of our logo at boot-up is such a concern to you?


    And while we are at it, I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OTHERS HERE ABOUT THIS ISSUE, PLEASE.  Please tell us if the Acer splash screen is causing you heartburn for some reason, and why?


    Thanks all

  • bakathbakath Posts: 6Member New User

      I always turn my monitor off when I walk away from it which maybe 10-20 times a day so that logo time adds up. The logo is already on the bezel so I know what I have in front of me so from my side I do not understand why there needs to be a extra added that slows down my access to my computer. I am not asking for it to be removed but to have the option to turn it off. All my other monitors are instant on instant off like they should be not a 5 + second delay added for adverts. 


     The kicker with the 4K G-Sync like I said is it shows your desktop for a moment then puts up the splash screen and makes you wait which really got under my skin. 




  • bakathbakath Posts: 6Member New User

    Just an Update, 


     It was time for me to buy a monitor and though I wanted Acer XB270HU bprz I ened up getting the Rog Swift with the only reason being the Swift turns on instant and yours I would have had to wait for the splash screen. Please fix this before the 21:9 monitors come out!

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    I understand your decision, bakath.  This is clearly an important issue for you and you made the decision that was right for you, which is what we always want to have happen.  I hope you are very happy with your new purchase.  So far, the lack of response on this topic from other readers seems to indicate that the splash screen isn't widely seen as a problem.  But I'll keep my eye on this thread to see what may develop in the future.  Thanks.

  • bakathbakath Posts: 6Member New User

     You should go read comments and reviews on other sites and store fronts. The boot logo is mentioned often and never in a favorable way. It's to bad people here did not fell the need to comment but outside this forum you can find all the data you need to see how it is looked at. 


     You should just add the option to turn it off and let the end user decied. 

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    ANNOUNCEMENT!  Our monitor team has considered your request and agrees with you!  Future monitors will include the option to turn off the splash screen.  Here is how the settings will work....


    "Quick Start Mode" :

    Is set "On" to speed up the time of the splash display.


    • Acer Logo shows for 1 sec.
    • Does not display the Energy Star logo.


                                      Off: (Default)

    • Normal display. (with both Acer logo and Energy Star logo splash)

    Thank you for your suggestion, and to all who commented on the issue as well!  Good Thinking, Folks!

  • ron92231ron92231 Posts: 1Member New User

    This is so annoying.  How exactly is Acer_Ideas confused by this.


    There is a 10 second delay by waiting for the spalsh screen to appear.  10 seconds! 

    If a user turns on the monitor WHILE holding the menu button, startup is in 4 seconds.


    Is there any possible reason what-so-ever that ACER has decided to put up the ACER logo and the ENERGY STAR logo while preventing users the ability to turn this feature off?


    Sure, I can hold them menu button, but that's kind of weak. 


    Please issue a firmware update to correct this issue.  I'm using the G276HL

  • illustrationismillustrationism Posts: 1Member New User

    +1 -- I agree with the bakath. The splash screen is really annoying!


    I've had many monitors over the years and this splash screen is quite annoying. In fact, next to my AcerR240HY is a Dell monitor which turns on within an instant of hitting the power button. No splash / advert. I've bought your product, at least give me an option to disable the splash screen.



  • bakathbakath Posts: 6Member New User

    Well glad to see we made some progress though sad to see you could not just have on and off. you just had to put it up for a second lol.

  • rsxavierrsxavier Posts: 1Member New User

    The splash screen is entirely useless and represents yet another annoying delay.  Are you now saying there IS NO WAY to turn this off until I buy a newer screen? What kind of a "solution" is that? How about if I buy a screen manufactured by someone else? 

  • THX1138THX1138 Posts: 21Member Troubleshooter

    Are you kidding me? Two years later, this is still an issue. You've basically recapitulated the annoying delay of the era of CRT monitors which had to warm up for several seconds before they could display a picture.


    I just paid £300 for a EB321HQUAwidp which is the most I've ever paid for a PC monitor and little did I know this was awaiting me.


    It's really disatisfying to read through this thread and see the warning that was given to Acer and the weak response.


    I switch on my monitor and I want to see the message or e-mail I just received, not a brief advert. Acer has wronged me and I will never forget because I will be reminded several times a day, every day. This will affect my Amazon review (now three stars instead of four).


    Here's a pro tip to you ***** product developers out there: use your own **bleep** product. Do you enjoy waiting longer to start using your computer every time the monitor comes back on? No; because it's not enjoyable. No-one else does, either.

  • NotBuying.NotBuying. Posts: 1Member New User
    I've registered an account just to comment:

    I'm shopping around for a monitor and luckily saw this page.

    Buying a monitor just to have it flash its logo at me and add arbitrary delays is a complete no-go for me. You just lost a potential customer, Acer. Maybe review this awful UX?


  • exg33kexg33k Posts: 1Member New User

     I'm a former repair Agent for the largest national computer repair chain and a ton of people still ask my advice on computer parts. I don't work there anymore so I'm not bound by any agreements. But you can be sure I'm telling everyone not to buy Acer monitors. I've had 2 people recently purchase the same monitor (GN246HL). Neither of them are happy with the wait time on the super-fast computers they built. 

    So that you can understand the frustration; people want things faster. You can bet that there is going to be a refunded purchase if someone spends the money to make his computer boot up a couple seconds faster by buying more expensive RAM, CPU, and SSD, and the biggest bottle-neck is your monitor.

    Acer should do the right thing and give customers the option to remove the splash screen.

    Thanks you for taking the time to read this thread. You should listen to the people in it.
  • bobkinbobkin Posts: 1Member New User
    I was getting really annoyed seeing a pointless "predator" logo on a computer I use at work. But the "Quick start mode" seems to have gotten rid of it, hopefully for good.

    How about Acer turn off the splash screen by default and give peeps the option of turning it on? I'm sure that those desperate to repeatedly have their time wasted by a monitor will jump at the opportunity. exg33k has it right; peeps spending money on quality parts to get a faster experience, only to get shafted by a monitor.

    I've never bought an Acer monitor for my own personal use, and will never do so. It's clear to me that functionality takes a back seat to plastering their branding everywhere.

  • BujuBuju Posts: 2Member New User
    edited May 2018
    Acer_Ideas, you've contradicted yourself.  First, you say this.

    "Future monitors will include the option to turn off the splash screen."

    Then, in the same post, you say this.

    "'Quick Start Mode' :

    Is set 'On' to speed up the time of the splash display.


    Acer Logo shows for 1 sec."

    That's not turning off the splash screen.  That's showing a splash screen.  When will there be an option to disable the splash screen as announced?

    I want to like Acer monitors, but with what this page says, I can't.  I won't be buying an Acer monitor until this is fixed.  I'll be researching which monitors turn on instantly when pressing the power button.

    My phone's 1920×1080 LCD turns on instantly.  Why can't my desktop computer's?  Consider that, Acer.
  • xyphurxyphur Posts: 1Member New User
    I came across this thread a year ago while doing research to see if there was some way (either a supported one, or a mod/hack) to disable or remove the Acer logo on power up of my Acer X243w. What I read at that time disappointed me deeply. Due to having more important things to consume my time then (college), the topic was shifted to the back burner and I eventually let go of the idea of being able to have my Acer monitor turn on as quickly as the Samsung SyncMaster 2443BW that's sitting right next to it in a dual head arrangement on a VESA swivel arm mount. My point being I use these monitors together. Now, although previously the Acer was my primary monitor in the setup due to cabling and the way my previous video card addressed the monitors (forcing me to do so, with no way I could find to change this), since I recently upgraded video cards during a complete system re-build (Core i7 8700K on an Asus Z370-E Gaming w/16GB - so, very fast indeed), I've been able to finally relegate the Acer to the right-side, secondary monitor that gets used for things like YouTube, Netflix, Winamp, calculator, and other not-as-important, usually non-fullscreen apps and utilities. The reason? Because it takes literally 10.63 seconds from power ON to video output. TEN AND A HALF FREAKING SECONDS. Obviously this is 'a really long time' in computer terms, even years ago. In years from now, with machines being faster still, it will likely be experienced as 'eons' or 'for-freakin'-ever'

    If I hold the Acer 'e' button while powering it on, that time is merely reduced (not eliminated) to about 5 seconds, which is still much too long.

    The Samsung I mentioned does power ON to video output in 3.4 seconds. No logo display. No holding down buttons. Just straight to the task at hand with minimal wait times.

    Conceivably, there must be a way to flash firmware to a monitor, even if just for those of us familiar and experienced with electronics and serial JTAG communications, etc.. I am not against opening up my monitor to do such hacking, so long as at the end of it, I can be rid of the advertisement being shoved in my face and wasting my time every time I want to do something! Maybe while doing so, there could be a way of fixing the no-wake-from-sleep issue that has plagued this monitor since day one. Highly annoying. It forces me to turn off and then turn back on the monitor for it to display the other half of the video signal that the other monitor has already been displaying long enough for me to launch a browser with about 30 tabs saved! I mean, seriously....

    The real point of this post is twofold: 1) to add my name to the list of people to which this issue matters, and 2) to bring to your attention the fact that not long from now, I'll be in the market for two new monitors. At least 27", possibly larger. It is unfortunate, for both my wallet and for Acer's sales figures, that I cannot even begin to consider (or recommend) Acer as a viable option due to the above issues, and especially so due to the seeming unwillingness of Acer to see this logo display issue as important as it truly is. Your customers are experiencing an issue which should be very easy to remedy via updated/patched firmware, and instead you're telling them that their issue will only be fixed by buying a new monitor from you. Can you see how laughable this is now?

    I would appreciate an engineer's take on this if one is available or could realistically be had. Seriously. Just link this thread to some of your monitor geeks that actually had a hand in developing these pieces of equipment (specifically, the electronics and software people), and I'm sure one of them can come up with a way for us to remedy this situation ourselves. Even if it requires flashing firmware via PuTTY over a serial cable, I'm game!
  • HazeyindaheadHazeyindahead Posts: 2Member New User
    I have used this monitor for a total of 2 hours and in that time  my employer has paid me almost an entire minute to watch reminders of who made the monitor and how it's energy star (anyone else see the contradiction here? Extra energy to say they save energy?) 

    Who ever insisted this feature exist should really study UX. 

    The moderator who was responding at first sounded really bad at their job since they didn't even try to research the problem on their own until prompted by the user to go outside the echo chamber..

    I'm never buying and acer product because of this thread  The UX team was aware of the huge concern for not wasting time and instead of even removing it... They spent more time and money coding in a 1 second version!! 

    We aren't stupid, just turn it off  That's easier than a while new feature. Does your office run on these monitors??  It's ridiculous and nobody should be feigning ignorance on this issue. Some ***** is insisting of keeping this marketing to paying customers  
  • dandoyledandoyle Posts: 1Member New User
    I bothered to register just to post here.  I did a MAME arcade build recently and on startup I was able to remove all the logos and branding so that it looks like a real arcade going into its front end. EXCEPT for the stupid Acer logo.  WTF.  I will never buy another Acer monitor.  It’s  too late for me to return it or I would.  Every other component felt it was okay to give me a way to remove adverts except yours.  Thanks for degrading the quality of my build Acer.
  • AtomicsAtomics Posts: 1Member New User
    Dear Acer,

    I own and love my Acer Predator X34.
    I registered just so I could provide my feedback regarding the splash screen.
    I too think the splash screen is unnecessary and delays the user from gaining access to their system.  This is my major issue.
    Gamers/enthusiasts love being able to modify/tweak their systems.  Having the option to disable the splash screen would be great.
    Additionally, a shorter splash screen duration (as you indicated, 1 second in the proposed new settings if enabled) would likely also be welcomed.

  • myuseridmyuserid Posts: 1Member New User
    I too created an account just to respond to this innane discussion.

    I too was annoyed by the 5 second "Energy Star" pronouncement every time I hotted up the monitor.  So I searched "ACER 'energy star logo' stop" and lo and behold this thread was top of the heap.  About 20 messages in was the revelation about the "Quick Start" option which is available on my $99 cheapskate side monitor and problemo solved.

    Sure glad I"m not in the business of replying to children whining about 1st world problems like "Energy Star" logos.   If you're basing your purchasing decisions on the presence or absence of a (controllable) delay in booting a monitor, you really need to re-consider your buying habits.  No wonder Apple is larger than some European countries.

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