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Enable wake-up from sleep when laptop lid is closed

vasco_tech88vasco_tech88 Posts: 20Member Troubleshooter
edited February 2018 in Acer Ideas

I have an Acer v3-772g notebook running Windows 8.1, it is updated with the latest drivers and BIOS as well.


Im facing a problem that my other 2 laptops (HP Probook and Toshiba P200, both Windows 7) dont have:


I cant wake up the laptop from sleep when the screen lid is closed, while it works fine when the lid is opened.


The reason I want to do it is because I have a desk with 2 external screens (VGA+HDMI) and USB mouse + keyboard, and I have the laptop closed in a shelf under the table, I am not using the laptop screen as an active screen.

It is very annoying that in order for me to wake the laptop from sleep, i have to remove it from under the desk, open the lid, press any key, close the lid and put it back under the desk... at least twice a day...


So my idea is to enable this option or put a choice for the user to set on the BIOS like few other laptops have "Wake up from USB"




The following can be observed:


When the lid is opened:

  • Power button: sets the laptop to sleep/wakes it up - works fine
  • Using windows button to sleep - works fine
  • Moving the mouse while in sleep: does nothing - works fine
  • Unplugging/plugging an USB device while in sleep: does nothing - works fine
  • USB hubs, mouse and keyboard power while in sleep: LEDs are on - works fine
  • Pressing a key on the USB keyboard or the mouse button while sleeping: wakes the computer - works fine

When the lid is closed:

  • Using windows button to sleep - works fine
  • Moving the mouse while in sleep: does nothing - works fine
  • Unplugging/plugging an USB device while in sleep: does nothing - works fine
  • USB hubs, mouse and keyboard power while in sleep: LEDs are on - works fine
  • Pressing a key on the USB keyboard or the mouse button while sleeping: does nothing - doesn't work!


Just for the record, before writing to Acer support and writing this idea, I've cheched the following settings:

  • On the windows Power Options, the "Lid close action" is set to: Do Nothing, while "Power/Sleep button action" is set to: Sleep
  • On the windows Power Options, the "USB selective suspend setting: Enable/Disable" does not change the behaviour
  • On the windows Power Options, the plan "Balanced, Performance, ..." does not change the behaviour
  • On the Device Manager, on the "Power Management" of USB hubs, mouse and keyboard, the option "Allow this device to wake the computer" are set
  • On the BIOS there are no possible configurations


Keywords: laptop, sleep, bios, lid


Thank you



  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Wow, that is a really thorough discription of your situation, vasco.  (Take note everyone.  THIS is how you document an issue!)  Thanks for that feedback.  I'm going to do some checking with our techy folks and see what they have to say about this situation.  My Acer laptop wakes from my USB keyboard just fine, so there MAY be a setting (though I'm pretty sure you have covered all those bases already) or it may be unique to your model for some reason.  I'll get back to you, but if anyone else has thoughts or input here, please chime in.

  • gogiantsgogiants Posts: 2Member

    Please fix this, it's a critical issue for me.

  • patrikfpatrikf Posts: 1Member


    This is important to resolve as these cheaper laptops are now powerful enough to use as desktop replacements with external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    Having to access the laptop, open the lid, and press a key, then close the lid again is just silly.

    I'm sure this is an easy fix for Acer, presumably in the BIOS, with perhaps some driver update as well?

    It doesn't reflect that well on Acer that this is not possible to achieve.

    I understand the need to have a default setting that blocks waking when the laptop is closed, but is should be configurable.

    The laptop in question in my case is a E3-112. (Looks like a netbook, but is nothing like one!)

    Thanks for listening


  • toddlukowskitoddlukowski Posts: 2Member
    I agree that this needs to be resolved/enhanced. The current status is not acceptable.
  • mjdmjd Posts: 2Member

    Same problem I am having. Makes me want to go  back to a Dell.

  • vincomvincom Posts: 1Member

    i had the same problem, using my laptop as an htpc. lid closed it would not resume aka wake from sleep unless im opened lid and touched the internal keyboard or power switch.


    workaround. i think almost all new laptops have/use a magnetic sleep sensor switch, if not then it probably use a mechanical switch.

    if it uses a mechanical switch it should be easy to figure out how to disable it. for now these instructions follow a magnetic switch/sensor.


    find schematics of your particular laptop, you need to locate the  sleep sensor, usually somewhere above keyboard.

    alternate method, using  a paperclip find where the magnet is located on the lcd trim/bezel, in doing so you will roughly know where the sleep sensor is located when lid is closed.

    switch on my gateway nv75s , aka acer 7560g, has a magnetic lid sleep sensor.

    magnet on mine is in the lower part of lcd trim/bezel.

    sensor that senses the magnet is just above my speaker.

    i taped down a thin piece of metal where sensor is located, and voila, no more sleep/wake issues using usb mouse or wol in sleep mode. the thin piece of metal sheilds/blocks sensor from activating and thin enough to not hamper lid when closed. you could also add thicker rubber pads to lcd cover to give extra height when lid is closed.

    laptop now wakes in sleep mode via usb or wol

    perfect for a htpc that uses an external monitor and is set to primary display.

    you could also remove magnet from lcd lid or sensor depending if its a pia to get to.


  • vasco_tech88vasco_tech88 Posts: 20Member Troubleshooter



    The idea you gave I had it in the past, it is usefull if you have only one primary screen so you can turn off your laptop LCD.


    Although if you have the laptop on the side and use 2 external screens, keyboard and mouse, that will not solve anything.

    I also dont know how LED LCD screens work, but on the old CFL LCDs the CFL was only turned off when you suspended or closed the lid, in other words lid closed with sensor covered was the same as having the LCD light on with the lid down, but again, I dont know how it happens with LED LCDs



  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Man!  What a bunch of smart folks we have out there!  VERY cool stuff, everybody!  Thanks!  I don't have any 'news' on this topic yet, but your posts will be great additional support for the idea!

  • mjdmjd Posts: 2Member

    I have found that if I put the computer to sleep (FN+Fkey) then close the lid, in half the times I open the lid and press the the power button it will wake up without restarting. Pressing any other key doesn't wake it up.

  • angry_bunnyangry_bunny Posts: 1Member

    Upvote for fixing this.


    Windows supports this as an option, so blocking this is a bug, not a feature, as Acer is decreasing, not increasing what we can do with the machine.


    That said, for those of us using a switch, another relatively easy option is to remove it from the base, so it can't be closed.  I don't like the loss of the second USB port. but that's about the only minus.

  • vicpatelvicpatel Posts: 1Member

    Upvote for fixing this.


    My previous WIN7 HP allowed me to do this.


    I bought an Acer with consideration given to specs and build quality. Never did I realize that a Acer "branded" machine would come with such a stupid uneditable setting that disallows use of an external mouse or keyboard to wake a sleeping computer. 


    Windows actually has the setting close lid - DO NOTHING. 


    Sure if this setting is "behaviour by design" the user should be given the option to change it. 


    I will not be buying another Acer in another couple of years... Acer take note. 



  • SolmyrSolmyr Posts: 1Member



    This need to be fixed/allowed for user to decide. 


    Aspire Nitro Black Edition user.

  • TomeamisTomeamis Posts: 1Member

    I have an Acer E5-572G-728N and I have the same issue. I tried flashing my BIOS to version 1.04, which changed the problem slightly. Now, instead of doing nothing, the power indicating LED briefly flashes to blue ('on' signal), but then returns to orangle flashing ('sleep' signal). The OS event log does not report this short-term wakeup at all, so this probably all happens in the firmware.

  • psimantaspsimantas Posts: 4Member New User

    So is Acer going to ignore this problem or what?


    I have Aspire VN7-592G-779X and have exactly same issue.


    When the lid is closed i press any key on may external keyboard and the power indicating LED briefly flashes to blue ('on' signal), but then returns to orangle flashing ('sleep' signal) I can hear the laptopt wake up and then going to sleep after few seconds.


    Everything works just fine when lid is open.


    Is this is a hardware bug or smthng?



  • PantherDDPantherDD Posts: 3Member New User

    I'm facing the same problem as the original poster... and wow, this has been an issue for 2 years already? Ouch.

    Acer_Ideas, can you please give us an update on this bug, what is the timeline to get it fixed? Thanks.


    Wait a minute... why is this marked as "Solved" anyway? Nobody posted a fix to this thread, and the issue still exists...

  • Acer_IdeasAcer_Ideas Posts: 285Member Practitioner

    Thanks for following up with us, folks.  The issue was indeed escalated to the laptop team quite sometime ago, but they generally don't provide me with all of their follow-up plans.  I listed the escalation as the 'solution' because that's about all I can do with it from my end.  However, now that I see that the issue is continuing, I will go back and push on it harder.  I'm glad you let me know.  Thanks!

  • PantherDDPantherDD Posts: 3Member New User

    Acer_Ideas. Looking forward to the reply from the laptop team! Hopefully the issue is not too hard to fix, it just got lost somewhere / wasn't prioritized until now.

  • micaelmicael Posts: 11Member


    V NITRO BLACK 792G same issue, waiting patienly for a fix!!!


    By the way, you do a great job!!!

  • cstcst Posts: 1Member New User

    +1 for Acer TravelMate B116-M.


    Thank you!

  • kcamp3kcamp3 Posts: 1Member New User
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