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Acer Aspire V5 Touch Windows 8 Wifi Issue



On a Acer Aspire V5 Touch (V5-471P) Windows 8.Once in a while i kept losing connectivity,Says "limited" on it.Tried uninstalling the driver,restarting and reinstalling and it didnt work.Also tried reformatting the PC still made no difference.


Dont know what to do next,help?




  • dpgsdpgs Posts: 3Member

    Read the myriads of Acer wifi problems all over this forum. Seems to be a common issue.

  • chornaychornay Posts: 2Member
    I am experiencing the same problem. It is so frustrating, i just got this laptop a week ago. Now im thinking of returning it Smiley Sad please let me know if anybody find a solution to this problem.
  • The only solution right now is to use a wired connection

  • henryohenryo Posts: 1Member

    Bought an Acer Aspire V5-471P last Christmas for my wife, she's always been complaining about the WiFi that keeps on disconnecting. It's very inconvenient to keep on disconnecting/reconnecting to re-establish connection. Don't have any problems with my two Asus laptops connected to my wireless router. Hope Acer would be quick enough to resolve this WiFi issue.  

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Posts: 1,442Member, VIP



    Please refer to my post here. Newly updated drivers are available, with additional drivers being released as soon as they are tested and qualified.

  • kujekuje Posts: 2Member

    I have the same problem with my new acer aspire M5- 518T my version off the driver is, on acer supports site i findthis "WLAN_Atheros_10.0.0.217.v3_Win8x64", but my computer saysthat i alreadyhave the latest version, so i can´tupdate..?

    have the latest version, so i can´t uppdate..?


    have installed, it have ben worked better but i still got som problem losing conection every ten minutes, waiting for the .218 driver, anyone know the relese date off .218 driver, starting to get tyred at losing conektion all the time.

  • vladius28vladius28 Posts: 1Member

    This is very frustrating. I can't even stay connected to wifi long enough to download the latest driver. I will be returning this. This will teach me to buy a cheap laptop out of quick necessity without doing research. 

  • KhampKhantKhampKhant Posts: 3Member

    I stumbled upon this thread, and sasdly I have been having the same problem with my new V5-touch! Smiley Sad I was wondering if there has been any updates to fix this wi-fi , limited access  issue??

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    This is from another thread with a similar topic (credits to v5-i5_user)


    I was having the same problem. Like I said was. I purchased mine yesterday. All last night and for the better part of today, I was getting to know my new Acer Aspire v5 with i5 processor. I was connected to my wifi the entire time. With no problem, I was able to surf the internet.


    So, I decided to connect my Windows 8 phone to my new Windows 8 laptop via Bluetooth. Fifteen minutes later I started having wifi drops. When I realized that my Bluetooth was the problem (about 5 hours later), I had turned off my Bluetooth on my laptop and no more wifi drops.

    I said that to say this, there's must be a conflict with the wifi and Bluetooth drivers, and that's what causing the wifi drops.


    I hope this works for you.

    So far my laptop hasn't dropped the WiFi once after I'd turned off my Bluetooth

  • CloClo Posts: 1Member

    I've turned my Bluetooth off using the Change PC Settings function and nope, still getting the same intermittent wifi drop outs. Another user mentioned uninstalling the bluetooth driver helped; anyone have any suggestions re.this? I don't use the bluetooth on my laptop anyway and I'd rather have a working wifi connection.


    Trying everything to fix it or the laptop is going back; can't believe Acer are selling these without a fix for such a widely acknowledged issue.

  • christophechristophe Posts: 5Member

    Aspire V5 also has the Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 causing similar Wifi problems for my Aspire S7 - 391, seee this thread Aspire-S7-391-Wifi-problems


    Mister Acer, I see your logo on this Acer-owned Forum, when are you finished exploring the "beyond limits" so that you can reply on this ??? Are you handling this issue of today or should we, acer customers, also explore beyond ?

  • KhampKhantKhampKhant Posts: 3Member

    Since my first inquiry, I saw that a few folks had tried to install a new driver (Kinda hard when your signal is constantly dropping!) located on the Acer Support page: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers , Any-who, I ended up downloading the latest WLAN Driver (New)  When I got my laptop, I was running . After I updated my driver yesterday afternoon, I tried using it as much possible. I brought it with me tomy bf's house, to the coffeeshop, and home. (Just to make sure it wasn't just one wi-fi spot) and I hope I am not jinxing myself, but I have not had a dropped signal yet.  I will update again, with a week's use.  


    FYI - not sure if this makes a difference, but when I was trying to download the driver, it was harder to do at night (telling me 45 minutes to dl!) but when I had tried to download it in the wee hours of the morning , it was much quicker (11 minutes) .  Like I said, this worked for me (so far) , I understand everyone may not have the same outcomes, but I hope this helps! Smiley Happy 

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    UPDATE: I've also updated my driver from the original to the provided on the Acer website. This solves the dropping wifi issue, but introduced yet another problem: occasionally the wifi driver will refuse to work. the laptop will failto detect wifi, only stating it's status as 'network is available'. But when you click on the wifi icon, nothing will happen. Restarting the laptop promptly solves the issue.


    I'm not complaining much seeing how this is a vast improvement compared to my previous situation (wifi dropping every 30 minutes or so). But preferably, I would have prefered if it works perfectly without me having to restart my laptop every now and then.

  • KhampKhantKhampKhant Posts: 3Member
    I just wanted to update everyone on my laptop since I had installed the new driver. Its been about a week and I only had one Wi-Fi signal dropped but promptly came back.. other than that, it's been great. One thing I did notice that the laptop lags every now and then..sometimes takes a while to load a page .
  • v_a_s_v_a_s_ Posts: 1Member

    Hello.  I had the same frustrating problem.  I went to http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers and downloaded the correct driver for my laptop.  Just put in your laptop specs and follow the prompts.  CLick on the button to have it tell you your specs if you don't know who makes your LAN.  If you are having trouble with your wifi you may have to download on another computer and transfer it to a flash drive to install it on your computer. That's what I did.  As of right now, its working.  I hope it stays that way. Good Luck!

  • daveydave7daveydave7 Posts: 10Member

    The post above mine is good advice but thee is one somewhere else that also suggests the unticking of the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" box in the power management tab.

    Also it's vital that you download the driver before disabling / uninstalling the existing device/ driver as afterwards without the driver you won't be able to get on the net !!

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    @daveydave7, turning off the power management feature didn't help in my case. Whe I turned it off, somehow I ended up with my laptop not having permission to turn off the wifi driver. It ended up not being able to shut down the laptop completely, forcing Windows to perform memory dump everytime I shut donw (it took an average of 10 to 15 minutes every time).


    i didn't mingle with the power management after I updated my driver, as the wifi issue was sort of solved.

  • Clover4luck69Clover4luck69 Posts: 1Member

    I bought this Acer Aspire V5-571P for my wife a week ago and i thas been dropping wifi connection every 7-10 minutes since i turned iton for the first time. I have been combing these boards for the last 2 days and the acer site and last night the only drivers for the wlan were from october and december of 2012. As of 8 am this morning a new wlan driver has been added in place of the october driver. It's dated 3/18/2013 Version this is what you need. Plugged in the adapter for the corded lan cable so i could download the driver without dropping my internet connection,saved it, unzipped the file, ran the setup application, clicked the modify tab, let it do its thing, then chose the update/restart button on the charms tab and since it has restarted i have not lost connection once. No more waiting for .218my friends...   .225 is here!

  • liayoungmoonliayoungmoon Posts: 2Member

    I have an Acer Aspire V5-471G and on atheros driver version and I'm having the same wifi problem which drops every 30mins and gradually gets worse. I just bought this 2 weeks ago and thought the wifi problem was due to bad internet signal. Later on, I realized all my other wifi devices like my lenovo ideapad s10, iphone 4s, and samsung galaxy grand we're working properly with stable wifi connection all at the same time. I read somewhere that its a possible incompatibility with both blueetooth on and wifi on. I turned the bluetooth off but didn't fix it entirely. It did help from dropping every minute to 30mins instead.


    I downloaded the driver but haven't installed it yet. As I read through the forum http://community.acer.com/t5/Acer-Ultrabooks/Aspire-S7-391-Wifi-problems/td-p/7575/highlight/false , it seems that driver update isn't a good idea. I'm not sure if it's only for the S7 series. There's a new driver I see in the acer download page for my laptop model http://www.acer.com.ph/ac/en/PH/content/drivers but I'm not so sure if I should update it to that version instead which is It's a march 18, 2013 update. Anyone can give me insight on this? Would really appreciate it. Smiley Very Happy


    P.S. I've already done the power settings too. All are in maximum performance both plugged in or on battery. My wifi problem persists and I'm always using plugged in or with power. I'm not sure about the black and white cable of the 2 antennas as I'm not capable of disassembling my laptop. So I'm banking on a very good driver update. please let me know whats best for my laptop version. Thanks!

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    I've downloaded and installed the latest WLAN driver ( and so far it's been working perfectly. No random dropping of WiFi for the past 2 days.

  • liayoungmoonliayoungmoon Posts: 2Member

    Where did you get that driver? its not on the acer download site. for which acer laptop model is that?

  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    Correction: It's version, not You can search for it according to your model under the "Support > Download Drivers" section.

  • golferdudegolferdude Posts: 1Member

    I downloaded the 225 version about a week ago and it worked good one night but now it is doing the sparadic limited connection again.  Hopefully another driver will be coming soon.  This is a major screw up and is getting worse all the time.  Hopefully they will get it resolved prior to people starting to file lawsuits...get this fixed and the note books seems to be a great value.


    I have the V5-571P.  I have all the power settings to the max, plugged in, etc.  From what I have read, nothing else I can do but wait for Acer to come out with another driver.  Hurry up...

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