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With thousands of posts on our Community, it can sometimes be difficult to find a solution to an issue.


To help reduce congestion in  our more frequently visited forums, we will start archiving older non-active threads.  Threads that have not had activity in the past 90 to 120 days, will be eligible for archiving.  Threads in the archives will not allow additional responses, but will remain searchable.   Any threads which have an Accepted Solution will remain in the Discussion Forums, but will be locked after the same 90 to 120 day inactivity period.


Our goal is to help our Community members find solutions to issues. Archiving older threads, while retaining threads with Accepted Solutions, is one step in that process.


Forum Archiving Summary:

* Threads with no continuing activity that are older than 90 to 120 days will be eligible for archiving.

* Threads with no continuing activity, but with accepted solutions, will remain in the forum as a locked thread.

* All archived posts will still be searchable.


  • BellgirlBellgirl Posts: 1Member

    I have used a computer since the first years of home use development.  Ibought new Acer with windows 8.  I WISH I HAD MY XP BACK!!!!!  Can't cope with this new format even after years of using home (first one was 364) units.


    jean W. 

  • LanguageMan1LanguageMan1 Posts: 1Member

    I understand your feelings on Win 8 versus XP, Vista or 7. However, to be able to remain current with technology, with how web pages are displayed, to be compatible with the apps at your office [or even perhaps on your phone or tablet], then you've got to have Vista, 7 or 8 to be there. Actually, moving into 7 instead of Vista is better still  for most everyone out there, but we'll have Vista users, just like we do XP, ME, 2000, and even 98 and 95 users out there still.

  • MitchinNCMitchinNC Posts: 6Member

    I just registered and already own an Acer E5 575 33BM. Why am I only getting UK forums and links to amazon.com.uk vs. the U.S. website?


    I know how to add more DDR4 RAM. I would hope Acer would have a couple of recommendations on which m.2 SSD, 128 or 260Gb, to install as an addition to the regular HDD? Do you know if they make recommendations or do any forum members have any suggestions?


    For instance I found this one (after seeing it mentioned elsewhere):

    Samsung 850 EVO - 250GB - M.2 SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-N5E250BW). What concerns me are the pins. There are 5-6 pins, a space, then 20+ pins ( appears to be the width of the ones I've seen on the videos), a space, and then 5-6 pins more. The video how-tos show an m.2 SSD that has one set of pins that are continuous (with no breaks) vs. the one above that that has a couple of spaces creating the sets. Does that really matter if the overall width is not greater than the single set?


    Thanks for any help you can render on recommendations or the one mentioned above.





  • ed12ed12 Posts: 6Member

    not difficult. I did not have to reinstall windows 10

  • MitchinNCMitchinNC Posts: 6Member
    I'm new at this forum. My post was meant to read that I'm looking for more information about compatible SSD M.2 256GB drives. There are numerous Samsung 850 EVO drives. Can any of you please include full details, including the model #s (e.g., for this Samsung a dozen or more start with MZN... some the next# is "E5" others "LN") Please suggest any other brands you found compatible.
  • AndikaAndika Posts: 1Member New User

    Thanks Acer for add me in this forum, I come from Indonesian

    I have been bought Notebook Acer Aspire Switch 10E, SW3-013 in Germany for 2015. In this pc I've got English language basicly, but after I want to upgrade OS to Windows 10, all language in my PC change in Germany Language. Then I try to change language from region and language but never change still in Germany. I brought to Acer Centre in Medan, Indonesia but never found solution. May you help me to fix this problem

    Thank you

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