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new acer Aspire V5 (touch screen and windows8) wifi problem

dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

 my new acer Aspire V5 (touch-screen,windows8)) has a problem: if i connect to any wifi, after a short while the internet will stop working and say Limited Access. when i trouble shoot, it starts working again and after a while it stops.  PLEASE HELLPPPPPP...!!


  • ss4adibss4adib Posts: 4Member

    Have you tried reintalling/installing the Qualcomm drivers from the download section?

  • wengyeowwengyeow Posts: 3Member

    wat you mean by that?

    i am having the same problem...

    so frustrating...zzz

    pls help...

  • freezafreeza Posts: 1,316Member

    Good day


    Please supply full product model and we will advise on what you must do.




  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    what exactly u need to know? its a nex acer aspire V5 with windows 8 and touch screen. every few minutes it drops the wifi internet connection and show limited.

  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    yes I did but nothing helps till now.

  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    hoping for a solution very soon

  • mabelcslmabelcsl Posts: 2Member

    Yeah...bought the new Aspire V5 (already comes with windows 8 and touch screen), and I tried the solution given, that is uninstall the  Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter and restart the laptop....i thought it worked! But no.....even as am typing this, the connection is limited and keeps disconnecting. So annoying! And about downloading the wireless 7 driver...it's not in the driver download....hmmmmm! Helllpppp... 

  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    yes exactly same problem here. every few min out of connection. its soooo bad.

  • mabelcslmabelcsl Posts: 2Member

    Beginning to think if it was worth using this new windows 8... which I personally think that windows 7 is much more stable...siggh! Acer people...how are you gonna address this issue? 

  • MagedBashaMagedBasha Posts: 1Member

    I have an Acer Aspire V5-571 Model no. MS2361 and I have the same problem... After a while from connecting to any Wireless Connection it says Connection: Limited and I would have to reconnect again.


    How do I fix that???

  • leonlfmleonlfm Posts: 3Member

    I have A Acer V773 This notebook is now 3 weeks old. I have the same problem as you with your V5 serie's.

    I allready calling 4 times with Acer, and everytime they tell me to do something. But nothing works, so yesterday i sent it back to Acer for repair, because the lady tells me you can not repair it yourself. So i think they can do something there you can not do at home. I see so manny people having problems with the V3 and V5 series. So the best thing you can do is sent it to repair succes.

  • dna2110dna2110 Posts: 8Member

    I postet here b4. I just went to the service center and let them download the new wifi driver. It tooks 20 min and never got the problem again since.

  • ralphyusonralphyuson Posts: 1Member
    i need help too, i have acer asprire v5 531p-4878 and has the same problem, it disconnects and says limited access... need help..
  • JYNgJYNg Posts: 11Member

    UPDATE: I've updated my driver from the original to the provided on the Acer website. This solves the dropping wifi issue, but introduced yet another problem: occasionally the wifi driver will refuse to work. the laptop will failto detect wifi, only stating it's status as 'network is available'. But when you click on the wifi icon, nothing will happen. Restarting the laptop promptly solves the issue.


    I'm not complaining much seeing how this is a vast improvement compared to my previous situation (wifi dropping every 30 minutes or so). But preferably, I would have prefered if it works perfectly without me having to restart my laptop every now and then.

  • HANHAN Posts: 1Member

    I have

    Acer Aspire V5-571 Model no. MS2361 and I have the same problem... After a while from connecting to any Wireless Connection it says Connection: Limited and I would have to reconnect again.

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