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Iconia w700 BLUETOOTH AUDIO DEVICE This device cannot start. (Code 10)

stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

Hi Folks,

Like many w700 users, I've been installing and re-installing drivers in hopes of improving the criticle bluetooth problem.


Unfortunatly, I have run into a error message that I'm getting in the Device Manager that says:


This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Object Path Component was not a directory object.


and I'm getting a YELLOW EXCLAMATION on the "Bluetooth Audio Device"


I tried unistalling and reinstalling all the drivers but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.





  • jdwacojdwaco Posts: 133Member
    Go to Acer.com n download the original BT driver.
  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member


    i installed the bt driver several times and I keep getting the same error.

    the tablet is workimg fine regardless of the error though.  i just wish the error would go away.



  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 22Member

    Perhaps there is a problem with the bluetooth hardware or antenna on your computer.

  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

    are you serious?  my w700 is just over a year old.  never dropped it or anything like that.  any other suggestions?

  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 22Member
    I assume you are running Windows 8.0 and the error message is a recent problem. Have you considered reinstalling your system from the recovery disks?
  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

    hi.  yes i'm using windows 8.0.

    regarding reinstalling windows 8, i assume im going to need an external dvd? or can it be installed with an external hd?

    many thanks!

  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 22Member

    Without an external drive you cannot use the recovery disks. Windows 8 activation number is embeded in the bios. The tablet bios is the new type being UEFI that enables faster boot times. It is possible to install via usb stick but you need to download a particular copy of Windows 8 OEM (from a ***** site) and boot the bios in the older legacy type. That is what I did as I wanted a clean install. The simplest way is to buy the usb dvd burner and it will restore the system back to the original setup (once changing the bios boot to dvd). This link explains how to install the system via recovery disks ( http://community.acer.com/t5/Tablets/Acer-Iconia-W700-Recovery-using-System-DVD/td-p/26357 ) If the bluetooth works straight away after that then you will know the hardware side is fine. 

    I have read here in the forum that many people are having issues with their wifi and bluetooth connections. It is possible that Acer changed the components in newer models (I bought mine 2 weeks ago) however it is also possible it is caused by some rouge drivers. Re-installation should fix that and, after downloading all the latest drivers from the Acer site and updating everything, hopefully will result in the end of the wifi and bluetooth issues. I am using a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and headphones and have had no issues connecting (excluding my brief Windows 8.1 experience)

  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

    Bad news,


    I now have NO BLUETOOTH on my tablet.   No keyboard or mouse.  It suddenly vanished from the control panel - Wireless section.


    I unistalled and reinstalled it the drivers with no success.   Smiley Sad   Very sad



    My last card it to take the advice that was given from this forum and buy a DVD burner and reinstall windows.


    Any idea on how to save my mail and contacts?   (Im not using Outlook, I´m using MAIL).


    Thanks guys,

  • PhilmanPhilman Posts: 255Member

    Wait, wait, wait...

    I've no W700 but i think it's the same as W510 (with a BT keyboard!).


    Download the last BT driver on Acer Center (version: 8.0.0000.0226 date: 2013/06/17).

    Unzip the file.

    1. Activate the bluetooth - Charms - Settings

    In Control Panel - Device Manager find BT icon and uninstall all drivers.

    Use setup.exe in your unzip file/install CD

    Install drivers


    2. Unable to activate bluetooth

    Use setup.exe in your unzip file/install CD

    Install drivers



    Remember, a yellow flag in Device Manager doesn't mean that your device is out of order. Sometimes it's because your device is not plug. For example, audio BT with yellow flag means that your headphone (or any audio BT device) is not pug in.

  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

    Thanks Philman but I no longer have the Bluetooth in the CHARMS - SETTING - WIRELESS.

    Thats part of the problem I guess.


    I noticed that when I unistall the Qualcomm drivers everything but Bluetooth driver is deleted.  

    So I went to control panel - UNINSTALL SOFTWARE.   Then I click "Qualcomm Bluetooth Driver" and it doesn´t allow me to uninstall.   It´s really strange.


    I went out and bought myself an external DVD reader.   I'm hoping to be able to reinstall Windows 8.   What a HEADACHE!!


    keep you posted

  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 22Member

    From what i read about code 10 error message the only way to know for sure if its hardware or software related is to re-install your system. Hopefully it's software and bluetooth is working fine.


    Buying the usb dvd also gives you the benefit of being able to use dvd's as well with the tablet and importantly allowing an easy method to re-install your system. Don't forget before starting the re-installation of your system to download all the updates from the Acer site.


    All your mail/contacts/bookmarks/ModernUI apps should be backed up automatically online if you use your Windows ID to log into your system. I would check first though (go online and see if they are there) and export your bookmarks via IE desktop. Your desktop apps don't get backed up so they may require backing up. Having a collection of computers of my own  I re-install so often I'm so use to backing up data online (via skydrive, google drive and dropbox) as well as using an external drive.

  • PhilmanPhilman Posts: 255Member

    Ten years ago, when supports system had no solution, they said "format c:".


    OK, for a code 10, it's only a driver problem. A bad transmission between installed driver and Device Manager.

    So, don't reinstall Windows. Or do it if your headache is too painful!


    As i've seen in W700 BT driver (i download it to be sure), it's coming from Atheros and not from Qualcomm. So, if you can't uninstall this driver, disable it and install the Atheros one. Second solution: disable Qualcomm, reboot and after boot, W8 will ask you about BT driver. Give the path for Atheros.


    Hope it helps you.

  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member


    I reinstalled Windows 8.  It works bettter than ever.

    I did not update the drivers becuase everything seems to be just fine.



    Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Suite

    Qualcomm Atheros Wifi Driver Version 11.13


    Strange that my wifi drivers are 11.13.  I took a look in the download section and the latest wifi drivers are


    Do you recommend that i update these drivers?

  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 22Member
    What I did with the driver reinstall is unzipped all the updates into one folder and updated all the drivers not installed or working. If your Bluetooth is working fine then no need to update.
  • stevensglstevensgl Posts: 15Member

    One thing that I'm doing this time around is to disable windows updates.


    I don't want anything to mess up my configuration.   Any suggestions on how to back up my Windows set up?


  • planetstarplanetstar Posts: 1Member

    I have a some problems on my W700, even upgraded to win 8.1, the problem was still existed, but when i downloaded and installed a fresh came out BT driver(2013/10/17), everythings back to normal now, everybody just go and try!

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