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See what's next@acer on April 27, 2017. Save the date and be the first to hear about our new products!



Newly enhanced grandPad senior tablet is available to order now. Upgrades include higher screen pixel density, high-quality front facing speakers, and a wireless charging dock.




Acer ACEs


Acer believes expert members who regularly contribute quality content, are friendly and helpful to others, and serve as leaders in the community deserve special recognition.  Ensuring that these top contributing members are acknowledged and commended for their efforts is what the ACE program is all about.


Members of the program receive a special icon next to their username to proudly display on their posts and profile page to let everyone know they're an ACE.  There are three levels that a program member can achieve based on their level of contribution:


1star_bottom_icon.png = Pioneer ranking where all new ACE Members start.


2star_bottom_icon.png = Pathfinder ranking is earned through consistent dedication and quality contributions to the Community.


3star_bottom_icon.png = Trailblazer ranking.  Only the best and most dedicated earn these top honors.


How do I become an ACE?

If you are reading this, you are already on your way!  Join the Acer Community and start helping others, that's how all ACEs started.  Keep in mind, the ACEs are our most passionate, knowledgeable and valued contributors.  To become one, you'll need to meet some basic criteria:

  1. Contribute consistently: Visit and participate on a frequent basis
  2. Be helpful: Set a model of excellence in the community through your interactions with others
  3. Provide solutions: You don’t have to be a tech guru to be an ACE.  However, ACEs must be able to help others resolve problems by providing insightful content and solutions.

How are the ACEs selected?

  1. Members are selected by the Acer Community Team on an invite-only basis.  You cannot “rank-up” into the program.  We monitor the contributions of all members and carefully consider a broad range of factors including those in the above criteria.  New inductees will receive a private invitation to join the program from a member of the community team.
  2. Community members can nominate top contributors to become an ACE.  Simply send your nominations via private messenger to a member of the community team.

Do I get anything if I'm selected as an Acer ACE?

Yes!  As an ACE, you'll get a special badge that you can display with your forum rank.  You will gain access to private segments of the Acer Community and you may also receive occasional non-cash awards from Acer to thank you for your participation.


One last thing!  All ACE members gain special access to Acer's best new products!  Thats right.  The Acer Product Evaluation Program (APEP) allows ACE Members to voluntarily evaluate great new Acer products in the comfort of their own home at absolutely no cost to them.  What could be better!  APEP is just another benefit of becoming an ACE team member.  


Get started today and chances are good you can be a part of this exclusive team!


Who are the ACEs?


ACE Pioneer Rank

ACE Pathfinder Rank

ACE Trailblazer Rank


What is Acer Community?


  • The Web's Social Revolution has opened up a whole new avenue to learn, share knowledge and further enjoy your Acer Products.  Acer Community is designed to do this and more!  
  • Acer Community is a peer to peer social support platform designed specifically to help you get the most from your Acer product.  Since it is peer to peer, the vast majority of the content has been drafted by members, not an Acer employee.  However Acer does provide knowledge articles, moderation services and forum topic assistance when necessary.
  •  Acer Community is a global site so our members come from all corners of the globe; yet they all share a love of electronics.

I want to post my question; what should I include?


  • Be sure that you include what product model you have.  Find your Model Number (Windows only)
  • Include the operating system that you have on your product.  If you have upgraded or changed the operating system, include that information.
  • Clearly and specifically discuss the problem that you are having, including how to reproduce it.
  • If there are error messages, include them as they appear on the screen.
  • Applications you are having difficulty with should be listed.  If you have the version number that is helpful.
  • Be patient while you wait for an answer.  This community is about users assisting users so sometimes it takes a day or two for assistance.


What can I gain from Acer Community and its members?


1) Learn from the Community

  • There are thousands of topics and solutions already posted.  Use our Community Search or simply peruse the topics in one of our product related forums.
  • Interested in learning more about Acer's new products?  Check out the What's Happening segment.  Here you will find press releases and other Acer product news.  It's a great way to stay up to date and ahead of your friends!

2) Gain satisfaction by lending your expertise and engaging with others.  

  • Acer recognizes that all of our customers have something to offer.  Some are very technical; some just know how they resolved a similar issue and want to share.  This is the space to do it! 
  • With over 200,000 global members, Acer Community is the place to be recognized by your peers for your knowledge and technical prowess. 

3) Help guide Acer to future innovations

  • Visit our Acer deas segment and share your ideas for new products, features, accessories or services.
  • Trending ideas are thoroughly evaluated by top level Acer personnel.  Several ideas have already been adopted and can be found in our newest products!  Maybe your Idea is next!


 How are members recognized for contributing?

  • Each member is assigned a starting rank when they join.  Consider their rank to be their Community status.  Higher ranks are earned by contributing to the forums. Acer Community Ranks are explained here.
  • Along with a higher rank come extra privileges on the site. 
  • Over time, the most active and helpful members may be offered the rank of ACE.  This elite team is made of Members who have earned the highest accommodation on the Community through tireless dedication to providing solutions to other members. 


 So, what are the rules of this place?


 How do I get help with all of these Community features and options?

  • We have drafted an extensive library of Help Files to help you.  

Welcome to Acer Community!


Ready to start?


Ask the Community



We have launched the new design for the Acer Community.  This new responsive web design allows Acer Community pages to be viewed in relation to the size of the screen or web browser you’re viewing them from.  This kind of design adapts the layout of the screen by using proportion-based grids and flexible images, creating a fluid and familiar experience regardless of the device you’re using.  This enhancement will not impact Members, their statistics or forum discussions in any way. 


With the new design come a few changes:

  1. To help users find the information they’re looking for faster, we will remove the Discussions page.  Now you’ll have access to the Forums faster.
  2. In keeping with this idea, the forum list can be easily accessible by clicking on the Top Left Menu icon menu.png.
  3. Your User Settings can be found by clicking on your avatar located at the top right of the page.
  4. The Predator forum has been renamed to Gaming in order to accommodate the new line of Aspire gaming products (Aspire VX 15, Aspire GX and Aspire V Nitro).
  5. Acer Answers is our official database for Service related knowledge and frequently asked questions; therefore the Community Knowledge Base will be eliminated and links to Acer Answers knowledgebase will be offered along with other key Acer Support web site features.

For more information about using the Community, please visit the Help section.


We hope that these changes help the users find the information they’re looking for faster and continue to make the Acer Community an enjoyable experience!


Can you believe it’s been four years already?



With the release of the new Spin and Swift series, we will be updating the forums to accomodate the new product naming structure.


Acer Community Manager Acer Community Manager

Acer Community updated its header and footer design, the first of many updates to follow in 2016.




Acer Community has well over 100,000 members and continues to grow in popularity each passing day.


You may have noticed that each member who posts content to the Acer Community earns a Rank for their efforts. Members "Rank Up" by visiting and contributing to the forums. Higher ranks are rewarded with additional capabilities and of course reputation.


Member Ranks can be found directly under the member name each time they post. To make it easy for you to know a newbie from a guru, we have extended the use of our Wi-Fi tower as a quick indicator. New members will show no Wi-Fi tower at all. But after some effort a new member will rank up and earn their first Wi-Fi Tower Ranking. This initial tower will display only one set of signal waves. After more effort a second set of waves can be earned, and so on.


We hope you find this new Rank structure a fun and challenging compliment to your membership at Acer Community. Have fun Ranking Up!


When we first launched Acer Community just over 2 years ago, we did it by adhering to a few simple rules.  

  1. Keep it simple and easy to use
  2. Make it a fun and informative place to visit
  3. Align with Acer's core product lines and wait until traffic mandates expansion

Thanks to all of you, Acer Community continues to grow in content as well as memberships. To keep pace with this continued growth, the Community team has reviewed the current forums we are offering our members for conversation and found that it's time for a change.  


This week we will launch a new forum structure on the English Community which is designed to give members a dedicated place for specific product discussions.  Therefore you will find many of the larger forums such as Notebooks and Netbooks are now broken into product series forums instead of one huge forum.    


We have also added two Windows oriented forums for our Smartphone and Tablet lines as well as several other new product forums in our Desktop category.  Also under Software, we have added forums for the many operating systems you want to discuss.  


We also understand that you may want to just talk to other members in a general forum about general non-Acer topics.  Therefore we are offering a Member lounge for you to meet, greet and chat with other members.  


It is our goal with this expansion to make content easier to find, make it clear which forum members should post in and give you a place to discuss many of Acer's new and exciting products.  


The new structure is below:

Welcome Forum


  • E and M Series
  • V and VN Series
  • S and R Series
  • Legacy Laptops and Netbooks
  • Chromebooks
  • Travelmate
  • Extensa
  • Gateway, eMachines and Packard Bell


  • Android Tablets
  • Windows Tablets and Convertibles


  • Gaming Hardware

 Desktops and Servers

  • Aspire
  • Veriton
  • Revo
  • All-in-One PCs
  • Server and Storage
  • Gateway, eMachines and Packard Bell


  • Android Smartphones
  • Windows Smartphones


  • Monitors
  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Projectors and TVs

Software and Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • XP, Vista, or earlier
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Acer BYOC

General Discussions

  • Member Lounge




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Acer's YouTube channel has proven to be one of the most popular sources of information for our customers.  So we made it easy to find key videos related to our best selling product lines.  


Look in the right hand navigation frame to find the segment.  





Acer Community relies on it's members for the vast majority of the content you can find here.  Each member is granted a Rank when they join and as they contribute their Rank increases.  You can consider a Rank to be the member's reputation on Acer Community because in order to progress in Rank, a member must prove they are dedicated to providing solutions for your benefit!  


Understanding the Acer Community Rank structure is important, I highly suggest you take a moment to read the new Community Rank knowledge article for details.  


Acer Community has always been a great place to learn.  Now it's even better!  We have just added a new segment called Acer News.  Here you will find detailed posts about Acer's latest products and other news worthy information about the Acer brand.  


So if you are interested in staying in touch with the best and most advanced products Acer has to offer, check the Acer News segment.  You will find a link to Acer News in the navigation shortcuts in the header of Acer Community.  

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At Acer we're always looking for ways make it easy for you to interact with us! Today, you may have several username and password combinations for this, so we are taking steps to consolidate them into a single Acer ID.


As of today December 10th, you will notice a different Community Sign In/Register process than what you are used to. This new Sign In/Register process will allow you to link your Acer Community username and password with your Acer ID.


Your Acer ID is based on your email address.  In fact you may already have one if you use our BYOC Cloud applications or if you have registered an Acer product on Acer.com. If you don't have an Acer ID yet, no worries, you will be prompted to create one when you Register or Sign into Acer Community.  Its simple and of course free!


Once your Community membership is linked to your Acer ID, you will use your Acer ID  (email address and selected password) for logging into your Acer Community profile. You will notice no changes to your current Community membership once these are linked. The only change will be that you no longer use your Community ID to log in, instead you will use your Acer ID (Email address).


In the future your Acer ID will be used to gain access to other great Acer Service and Acer Store web sites. Making it a better overall experience for you.


Every Community needs to see change from time to time.  It helps keep the place looking fresh and tidy.  So today we made some pretty cool changes to the Topic pages in the forums and added a great new "Related Topics" segment.  This new segment will show to the right of any topic and give up to 8 related topics based on keyword.  It works pretty slick and I think it will help you navigate our content much better.  



We all know, watching a video is often the best way to learn something new.  It allows you to learn at your own pace and walks you through steps that may normally be above your comfort level.  The good news is that both the Acer America and Acer Europe Service teams maintain a comprehensive set of videos available to everyone, all the time.  


We suggest you visit the channel for your region as each channel focuses on Service related topics for Acer products sold into the region.  


Europe Channel:

Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/AcerSupportEMEA 


Americas Channel:

Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/AcerAmericaService


Bookmark these and visit often,  New videos are added frequently!




Members who come back each day offering to help others deserve recognition.  Kudos and Accepted Solutions are two excellent ways you recognize other members for their contributions.  


Use the Kudos feature to tell the Community that you agree with or simply appreciate their response.  This can be used freely.  It's simply a way of patting another member on the back for their post!


Equally important is the Accepted Solution flag.  It works like this.  If you start a topic,  you are considered the OP (Original Poster).  The OP is the only member who has the authority to state that a reply has solved their topic.  More than one reply could lead the OP to their solution, so they can select Accepted Solution for more than one reply within their topic.  


Acer Community has always displayed the top Kudoed leaderboard, however now we also have added the top Solutions leaderboard so you can clearly see who the most helpful members are on Acer Community!  Being listed on a leaderboard shows every visitor to Acer Community who the leading members are.  


So please remember to use Kudos and Accepted Solutions when you visit.  Its the best way to thank the leading members you count on for advice and solutions!

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As with any successful global Community, we are constantly at war with Spam.  The people behind spam don't care that their spam is not welcome here.  They simply want to get you to view their message.  This small win is enough to justify their efforts in their mind.  


Acer's effort to combat spam posts is already quite extensive but we are still cleaning up a lot of spam each and every day.  As part of the effort to make it harder for Spammers, we are now forcing all members to verify their email address before they are allowed to post.  This extra step not only ensures members are using their real email address but it also makes a spammer take the time to verify and in some cases this is enough to deter them.  


I regret forcing legitimate members to jump through this hoop but if it helps us all enjoy a Community with less Spam, I think this small inconvenience is worth it.  


If you have not yet verified your email address, you can do this in My Settings > Personal Profile > Email


We now have 8 members on our Community ACE team and its going to continue to grow!  


One of the many perks the ACE team members receive is the Acer Product Evaluation Program (APEP).  


APEP is a program designed to offer the ACE team members some of the latest and greatest Acer products for in home evaluation and personal use.  Acer covers all costs while the ACE team member gets the opportunity to play with new technology.  


Yes its good to be an ACE team member.  Look here for details about how to become a member of the ACE team.


With thousands of posts on our Community, it can sometimes be difficult to find a solution to an issue.


To help reduce congestion in  our more frequently visited forums, we will start archiving older non-active threads.  Threads that have not had activity in the past 90 to 120 days, will be eligible for archiving.  Threads in the archives will not allow additional responses, but will remain searchable.   Any threads which have an Accepted Solution will remain in the Discussion Forums, but will be locked after the same 90 to 120 day inactivity period.


Our goal is to help our Community members find solutions to issues. Archiving older threads, while retaining threads with Accepted Solutions, is one step in that process.


Forum Archiving Summary:

* Threads with no continuing activity that are older than 90 to 120 days will be eligible for archiving.

* Threads with no continuing activity, but with accepted solutions, will remain in the forum as a locked thread.

* All archived posts will still be searchable.


Well its been one year since we launched the Acer Community and what a year it’s been! 


As I said last November, this is truly a global Community, our members now come from over 200 countries!  Check out the map below which graphically shows where our Members are visiting from.




Acer Community's first year was all about expansion.  In order to reach more Acer customers, we added German, Spanish and Portuguese communities to our English community.  


We launched our Knowledge Base which now is getting huge hits each day.  Its a great place to look for answers to common questions.  


Acer Community is also on Facebook! Yes you can read, reply and start new forum topics right from our english Acer facebook pages.  Visit https://www.facebook.com/AcerUSA/app_384701878271850 to check it out.


And finally we added Ideas.  I personally feel this is the most important expansion we put in place this year!  The reason is simple,  Acer Community discussion forums and knowledge base are focused on support.  Ideas gives us the oppurtunity to get closer to your expectations.  How should Acer change, adapt, excell?  It allows us to talk directly to you and consider your needs and desires for future innovations and services.  


Yes, its been a great year.  Year two will see our focus shift to content and making Acer Community not only a great place to get support but a fun place to visit.  I’m working to bring contests, polls, expert interviews and blogs that are educational and fun to read.  


But in the end, a community is made up of its members.  That’s what this celebration is all about.  As a member, you have access to thousands of Acer owners, most of them happy to help you or just chat about shared interests.  Happy Birthday Acer Community!

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The Acer Community is constantly evolving.  Today I want to announce some new additions that are intended to both improve your Community look and functionality but will also allow you to be part of the Acer products and services development process.


First you will notice some small design changes such new segment titles like Discussions, Answers and our new segment of Ideas.  You will also notice a new image for Kudos.  We hope this new image will increase the usage of Kudos across the community. 



However, the primary enhancement I want to announce is the addition of the Acer Ideas segment.  You will find it directly on the Landing page called simply "Ideas"



This new Ideas platform allows you to be part of future Acer innovation!  Community members can submit ideas for new products, accessories or services in this segment.  These ideas can then be commented and voted on using the built in Kudos feature.  


We also included a search feature to make it easy to see if your Idea has already been submitted my another member. If it has, that's fine, add your comments to it and hit the Kudos button to show your support for it.  If your idea is not already listed, then create a new idea.


The most popular Ideas will be reviewed by top Acer leadership and you can expect some of the best ideas to become reality!  We invite you to join in and be part of future Acer Innovations!


Recently, we also have added a 4th Language based Community with the addition of a Portuguese language global Acer Community.  Its available in the language dropdown located in the Member Center.  


The direct URL is Community.acer.com/pt




And finally, the Forums segment of Acer Community has a new name and a new look.  Its now called Discussions and we took your advice! The tablets section is now broken it into a two forums of Windows Tablets and Android Tablets.  We also segmented the displays forum into Monitors and TVs & Projectors.  Please make sure you post your new topics in the right forums.


Acer wants to hear from you! Take the time to visit these new enhancements and let us know your thoughts by commenting on this blog.    


Today we took another step in the evolution of our Acer Community!   We have added both a German and Spanish Community to extend the benefits of the Acer Community to more regions and Acer Customers.  


These new Communities will function independently from our English site.  They each will offer their own content and topics.  However, just like the English Community,  they are intended for peer to peer discussions about Acer related topics.  You will see Acer staff performing moderation and providing technical guidance if needed.  


The direct URLs to each of our Acer Communities are below.

Community.acer.com will remain the address for the English Community

Community.acer.com/de for the new German language Community

Community.acer.com/es for the new Spanish language Community


If you look at the Member Center on the right side of the header, you will see a new addition of a language selector dropdown.  This is an easy way to navigate between the three language based communities Acer has to offer.  



 Take a look and join in!


You may have noticed that each member who posts content to the Acer Community is assigned a rank.  This Rank is an easy way to quickly identify the level of contribution a member has made to our Community.  


Each member's rank can be found directly under the member name.  For example, below ThV5k you can see the rank of Frequent Contributor.  This member has earned this ranking by answering a certain number of posts, receiving a certain number of kudos and being online a certain amount of time among other criteria.  


You can be sure that ThV5k has put in considerable time creating quality posts as judged by their peers based on his rank. 



The Community rank structure is designed as a hierarchy starting from the time a member initially registers (Visitor tier) until they reach the top tier of Guru.  There are several levels within each of the 5 tiers.


1) Visitor tier
2) Member tier
3) Contributor tier 
4) Leader Tier 
5) Guru Tier 


Also once a member reaches the Contributor Tier, an image is displayed next to their name.  Its the very familiar Wi-Fi image we see so frequently.  Members who have earned this image can consider it a badge of distinction.  Also as they continue to earn a higher ranking, they will see the number of waves increase from one set to four at the Guru rank.  




Its smart to pay attention to a member's ranking.  Our Top contributing members have worked hard to earn it.




Over the past several weeks your Acer Community team has been hard at work to create a fresh new design for the Acer Community.  Currently the launch date is set for May 8th but I wanted to get you an early look at it.


As with every new site refresh on the web,  our new Community design is meant to be more pleasing to the eye as well as useful in finding information.  


I have listed some of the enhancements you can expect with this new site below.


We have made it easier to find solutions by improving the visibility and functionality of the Search tools.  Note that you will always have a search tool on every page with our new Search bar in the top right corner of the screen.   




The Acer Community Team has also created a new easy to use Member Center.  We have consolidated the Register, About Member, Sign In, Private Message, Help and My Settings links into one easy to use Member Center.  This can also be found in the top right of the screen on all pages.  



We are adding a new Welcome Video to help visitors understand the basic features of the Acer Community and how to use them effectively to find solutions.  


We are also improving navigation by creating a clear path to the three primary segments of the Acer Community instead of having them on a vertical scrolling list.  The Forums segment also features a "Browse by Product" feature which allows a user to select the product they are interested in to allow them easy access to the discussions that matters to them.     




Take a look at the preview below and post your comments to the new Community Suggestions forum we added.  This forum is just for comments about how we can improve the Acer Community.   So please post your requests for technical assistance in the appropriate product forum.  


We hope you like the new look of our Acer Community and we look forward to hearing from you.








The Acer Community is doing very well for only being around a few months.  We are still gaining 100 new members daily and the knowledge you are sharing here is nothing short of amazing.  I hope you enjoy your time here as much as we at Acer are enjoying this new customer connection the Community provides us.  


Yes, the Acer Community is a great place to get help, but we can make it better by making sure our members are aware that the Community is helping them. 


We can do this with Subscriptions.  Subscriptions are a great way to make sure members are aware that the Acer Community has an answer to their question or comment.  


It works like this,  you will receive an email notification when you receive a reply to a board topic you created.  You will also receive notification when a member replies directly to a post you added to a topic.  


We feel most members will appreciate this proactive notification so Subscriptions are now active for all members.  


While this makes sense for most members it certainly is not OK with others.  We understand that active Community members may not appreciate the extra email volume.  Fortunately, anyone can turn Subscriptions off within My Settings.  Just remove the check from Automatically subscribe me to topics I participate in.  See the image below.



We hope this helps ensure all members are getting the most out of our Acer Community. 



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Recently we have had several members asking why Acer has not been more actively involved in the discussions taking place on our new Acer Community.  I am hoping to address these questions with this article.  


First, I feel compelled to make sure everyone has read and understands the Acer Community Use Agreement (ACUA) located in the Welcome board.  It outlines the basic rules of the Community and also explains that first and foremost, the Acer Community is here for members and visitors to gain knowledge and insight from other Acer owners.  


So the Acer Community is peer to peer support channel.  


However Acer didn't just launch the site and walk away.


Acer moderates the site to ensure our community is a nice place to visit and find solutions, free from vulgarity, prejudice and illegal acts.  Moderators also ensure new topics are posted in the appropriate board to ensure your questions are in front of the most qualified members who can help.  The Acer Moderators are not technicians,  but they play a very critical role in keeping our community running smoothly.  


Acer Technicians are also active on the Acer Community.  Primarily to lend a hand when new topics go far too long without assistance from another community member.  They are also drafting Acer Community KB articles,  reading up on hot topics and, as needed, interacting with difficult topics members are struggling with.  


This leads me to the most important and final group of members who make the community successful.  But they are not Acer employees.  I'm referring to those community members who unselfishly take their own time to help others find a solution here.  They come back day after day to assist or offer a logical approach and sound advice just because they enjoy helping.  Members like Freeza, Tom85, Padgett, 1stTimeAcer, AcerFan, NewAcer to name a few.  


In reality these "Super Members" make up a  small percentage of all Acer Community members but are responsible for the bulk of useful content available here.  They are the "how and why" a peer to peer support community thrives.   






Over the past month, the Acer Community has grown from a few posts to what is now starting to be a Solution Destination for Acer customers. 


Since we are adding more than 100 new Members each day, each with their own unique ability to contribute, we expect to see nothing but continued momentum as we head toward a new year.


To ensure your Acer Community evolves into the place for solutions, we all need to do our part to recognize those members who take the time to help others.  Therefore, I wanted to a take a moment to remind all Community Members about the importance of using the Accept as Solution and Kudos features.  Details can be found in the Community Help Section.


In summary, when you post a question to a board each reply to your question will display the icons below in the body of the reply.  As the person asking the question, only you will be able to select the Accept as Solution icon.  When a reply provides you a solution, simply select the Accept as Solution icon.   That’s it…



Taking this extra step has many benefits to the Acer Community.  Not only is the Member who provided the Solution given credit for their contribution, the rest of the Community has more confidence in the solution.  Also an icon  is added to the post and search results showing this question is solved. 


Along with Accept as Solution I wanted to mention the use of Kudos. 


Giving a Community Member Kudos is the best way to give a member a pat on the back for providing good content which contributes to the collective knowledge of the Community.   A Kudos is simply a public thanks and can be used by anyone who feels a member helped drive a post toward a solution. 


These features give all Acer Community Members the ability to thank and recognize those members who help others.  It’s these Members that are making your Acer Community a Solution Destination and these features allow you to recognize them for their contributions. 

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The new Acer Community is a week old now and I hope we all can agree, it's been a great success. 


The Acer Community is averaging 100 new Community members each day, and we are approaching 1000 topics of discussion on the forums. 


This growth is nothing short of amazing! 


I see many members actively helping others which is what this Community is all about.  Keep in mind when you help others with solid advice,  it drives your Community status up.  So don't be shy, interact, make friends and come back often.


Acer is also helping to ensure every question gets an answer.  Therefore you may see some responses from authorized Acer techs or Moderators here and there when a post is heading the wrong way or just isn't getting a reply.  I'll add that the Community is so popular within Acer, we are seeing many employees join the discussions during their free time. 


Thank you to all members and visitors for making the first week a success.  I look forward to working with you to make your Acer Community the place to go for answers.