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Windows 7 Recovery options


How do I use eRecovery to restore software for Windows 7?


Acer provides eRecovery software that allows you to create recovery media, reinstall Windows, or just reinstall drivers and applications. For instructions for using recovery software for Windows 7, please visit our knowledgebase links below.


Using Recovery Disks


Recovering your system with eRecovery


Reinstalling Applications and Drivers

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e-recovery  error kan be   fixst .


eRecovery error can be engrave repareert.windows7 64bit . without eRecovery DVD. First the PC / laptop for new start immediately entering for system start press alt + f10 will start if it is good weather eRecovery have equal .Otherwise luck !!!!!! only work if the hdd / sdd not gepartionerd can install this solution system on new and hidden partion is not changed by using another operating system Windows instaleerd then eRecovery and windows . + you can then get a new system recovery weather -smacking if it works with a new one -smacking on I do not know but you have in any case again windows talking suces it with Mr. busman . it works for me anyway



what a rip off. your substandard hard drive fails and now i have to buy an os because acer dose not provide a recovey medium.


i just bought a used acer aspire x3400g from goodwill and it was wiped clean and now i cant get the drive to work because it has no partition on it that is bootable and it came with no software. I took the hard drive out and put it in my computer and instaled win 7 64 bit and put it back in the computer and it still wont boot. Is it because it doesnt have the acer partition on it and no acer software or why?