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Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

I recommend acer products before but when I encounter problems with my iconia a500, I don't know how to recommend it again, my a500 is only 1 and a half year old but it doesn't boot anymore and when I check to acer forum many iconia users encounter the same problem, I already sent it to acer but they tell me that they need to replace the mainboard for almost 15k, but I think it is not the user fault because most of the case the the problem come out with its OS update and maybe it has poor memory problem that cuasing the unit not boot again.... If ACER really care for there costumer they must investigate and try to resolve with this issue... hoping that this issue will help other iconia users....
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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

I have tried all of the solutions that were given.  I get to the recovery screen but sellect or power botton will not work.,

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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Scratch that! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a culprit!! Some of us just have dead batteries due to a bad connector. Move the connector slowly around and lightly pull it in and out while watching the power button. The button turns red or orange when the charger is properly connected. The tab may show it is connected and charging in the settings and the battery icon even though it is not charging. The power button color tells the real tale. If the button is flashing white, that means the battery is low and not charging and the tab will soon shutdown. The tab stops at the Acer screen during boot because the battery does not have enough power to start. The power port is either bad or needs a good cleaning. If your tab shows a steady red or orange light and it still won't boot, you need a battery. I've been working on this for about 3 days straight, now I can get some real sleep while my tab is charging. My earlier post was not entirely wrong, I had just had a technical glitch. No sleep and a false positive caused me to jump the gun. Get them fixed people. It's not as bad as having a brick!

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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Sorry that could be your case, in mine i replaced myself the motherboard and is working fine now
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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Hi Guys! i'm having the same issue with my a500, and i think this is a common issue with this unit.


 i just want to know how many a500  owners  are having the same problem with this unit.



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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

I found the solution boys and girls


I hope that will work for you too

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Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

I am yet ANOTHER of the misfortunate owners of an Acer 500a Iconia Tablet that froze up on the Acer Bootup screen just several WEEKS after the warranty expired.  There are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of us with the same issues, as I've been reading a lot of the posts on here.  Some solutions work for some, others don't work at all.  I've tried "reseting" the tablet, I've tried "hard-resetting" the tablet, and I've also tried reseting back to factory settings- the end result IF ANYTHING is a dead android with a red triangle w/exclamation mark.  Apparently, Acer doesn't give a rats a*s about its customers, because no one to date has received ANY recompense or fix from Acer.  


Suggestions:  If Acer continues to refuse to fix this WIDE-SPREAD issue, as they have so far, here are some suggestions:

Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.  You can find the one for your area by going to:  www.BBB.org  I also suggest that you contact your state's Attorney' General's Office, as this is the type of thing they investigate and do something about.  

If you file a complaint with either of the above, be sure to Include the link to this forum to show just how wide-spread the issue is and how Acer continues to ignore the issue.


Since this previous post seemed to have helped many, I have copied it again for those that have missed it.  Maybe it will help YOU, unfortunately, it sure didn't help me:


Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

The steps below worked for me. I am totally frustated with the lack of support from ACER as soon as your warranty has expired. It took me hours to find this. Will not recommend ACER to anybody.


 How do I perform a Factory Data Reset if my Acer ICONIA TAB A500 does not boot?

The following steps will erase all of your personal information, all stored contacts and any programs you have installed on your tablet.

1.Power off the tablet.

2.Press and hold the Volume up button, which is located closest to the touch screen lock switch.

3.With the Volume up button held, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds then release it. Continue holding the Volume up button.

4.Once the tablet vibrates, switch the touch screen lock switch on and off repeatedly while still holding the Volume up button.

5.Release the Volume up button and stop switching the touch screen lock switch once the "Erasing Userdata..." message appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

6.Once the factory reset has been completed your tablet will load to the Welcome screen. 7.Your Factory Data Reset has completed now follow the onscreen steps to setup your tablet.

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

I also found this possible solution to the same issue on an XDA forum site.  I'm copying and pasting the relevant information.  I am first going to try doing the first update as suggested in an older post (see above, wasn't posted that long ago in relation to my post).  Will keep posted if any works:


Well, you can try this.

Go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1816560

Scroll down the list till you find the a500 ICS update Roms. Download a couple of them.

Then go here and get the acer update decrypter http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1869505 instructions for the tool are there.

You may not have to decrypt the Files. They may already be decrypted. You will know when you try to open them using 7zip or Winzip app.

DO Not Extract the files, just open it. Pull the update.zip to your PC desktop.
Copy the update.zip to your Ext SD card. Do not put it in a folder.

Boot your Tab holding Vol+ and PWR untill you see the package installation, then release buttons.

You may have to try 2 or 3 different update files, but one of them should work. They should be FULL Update files (300+mb)

It will install a fresh stock ICS, so if you had a unlocked bootloader, CWM recovery, and user data, say hasta la vista to them.



Charge your tab, then try a different one.

It seems one won't work, but the other will.

The process shouldn't take but 15 minutes max.

I've heard where some folks had to do it 2 or 3 times with the same update.zip, but I would try a different one. Eventually it will work.




Dowmload links for the decrypted update.zip's for the A500. For those having issues using the Decrypter tool..

Note: Remove the build numbers from the filename. They were only added to keep order. Rename to "update.zip"





Don't ask me which is better than the other. I don't know. But if you're tab's stuck at the Acer display, a working tab is better than a non-working tab 



Let me know if any of these has been helpful for anyone.  Fingers crossed it at least helps ONE of us get a working Tablet again.  LOL

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Thought you all might find this interesting.  Found this in another section about same issue with the A100 tablets.  This was posted by an Acer Tech:


Acer Technician
Posts: 4,325
Registered: ‎11-13-2012
Acer Iconia A100 and A500 Failure to Boot

We understand that many of our valued customers are still experiencing issues with their Iconia A100 or A500 tablets.

If you have an Iconia A100 or A500 which is failing to boot or is frozen and/or stuck at the boot screen, there is a knowledge base article that we would like you to review and use: My Android Tablet will not boot

If, after reviewing and executing the recommendations in this article, you are still encountering issues, you will need to contact your local Acer service center.

For those customers in the United States and Canada who have issues contacting support, please use the Fix My Acer website to set up service for your system.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service Locations


You can also read the other posts in this similar thread by searching for:

"Acer Iconia A100 and A500 Failure to Boot"




Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

will these work on an A100?