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Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen


Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

You might not perhaps,  be completely out of your mind ?


Just saying,,,



Die Hard

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

There isn't a reset for this problem, the tablets are bricked! There is no recovery just hardware replacements to resolve this issue.
New User

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

After charging all night my tablet refused to reboot past the acer/android screen text. It would just hang at the android label on screen and then power down after 5 minutes. My Tab was unrooted and running the latest stock android version.


I was able to get my A500 to reboot using this method:




1. plug in tablet to wall charger


2. power off tablet


3. place the screen rotation lock switch in the UP position (closest to the volume rocker switch above).


4. press and hold the volume UP rocker switch (the part on top, nearest the tablet top). I have seen some descriptions say push this rocker switch down.


5. hold the power button on at the same time until it vibrates (about 3 seconds).


6. let go of the power button while still pressing the volume switch


7. at the same time start moving the rotation lock switch rapidly back and forth, while still pressing the volume switch.


8. do this until you see the user and data cache cleared message display at the top of the screen (it may appear only briefly).  You need to let go of the switches right after this message, before the acer label appears. If I held the switches too long, the procedure would loop back and the same data cache message would appear again. It may take a couple tries to get these steps done in the right order. Repeating them doesn't seem to hurt anything on the tablet.


9. the acer banner will next appear and on my tablets proceeds into the android booting sequence (this took a few minutes to get all the way through the boot process to the new setup screen).


10. for me the tablet eventually came back on to the new user setup screen. It appears to be so far working as expected (2 days later).


This link below also describes the same process and may have some other helpful information.





This has worked for me so far. Maybe it's a fluke, maybe it won't last, but I had written off my A500 as bricked, so I had nothing left to lose by attempting this.


Your results may vary of course, and you try this at your own risk with no guarantees it will fix your situation.


Good Luck!!



Re: Iconic A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

areyto19 and imladris123 , I know in my case that I was able to reset my Acer and get it working again, only to see it die after a week or so. Then I have to re-set again (loosing all my stuff). I am done doing that. There is a bigger issue here that needs to be adressed by Acer. Let us know though if you guys get like a month out of it or if it the error happens again.

ACE Pathfinder

Re: Iconic A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

We understand that many of our valued customers are still experiencing issues with their Iconia A100 or A500 tablets.

If you have an Iconia A100 or A500 which is failing to boot or is frozen and/or stuck at the boot screen, there is a knowledge base article that we would like you to review and use: My Android Tablet will not boot

If, after reviewing and executing the recommendations in this article, you are still encountering issues, you will need to contact your local Acer service center.

For those customers in the United States and Canada who have issues contacting support, please use the Fix My Acer website to set up service for your system.

Important Links: Global Support Pages | Knowledge Base Articles
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Die Hard

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

This is ridiculous, an Acer technician post this, they know that all of us have the warranty expired, is obvious that something is wrong with the tablets but still want us to pay for a big mistake they make. Is not fair, is too many of us with the same exact problem
Die Hard

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Mr Acer technician I think you need to start at the beginning of this post. The tablets are bricked, there is no reset for them. And if you read back a few of us have called Acer, it's going to cost a lot of money to fix, this is a manufacture fault, it should be fixed for free, are you going to tell us next that if we call the Acer tech centre, we are going to have our Acers fixed free of charge???????
Die Hard

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

It's almost like its a template that has been copied and pasted......nice work!

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Hold on,  folks, 

Send your unit back for repair,  ask for an estimate,  include your email adress,

and wait and see.


I plan to.


There is a chance that ACER might redeem themselves.




Die Hard

Re: Iconia A500 frozen at Acer logo boot screen

Ha ask for an estimate, I did that. They wanted £55 just to pick it up and diagnose what I already know. Once complete then they would send me a proposal. Now if we base the diagnostic price at that much, I'm looking at over £200 for a repaired unit. It cost me £250 new. Will I get a 12 month warranty with this????
Tbh iPad minis are now at £219, and they seem to be pretty rock solid, if I'm going to waste that sort of money, I think I might have to waste it with Apple.......