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Re: eRecovery Management not working! Help'

Ok, have another go of ALT & F10, hold down ALT, and continually tap F10.
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Re: eRecovery Management not working! Help'

It wont work buddy :smileysad: are There any other way to re store without Paying
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Re: eRecovery Management not working! Help'

Is it Windows 7 ?


If so, download the EXACT same version (E.G. Home Premium x64 - 64 bit) from here and burn it to a blank DVD. Next, go to Acer support for your region, click on "Drivers & Manuals" and enter the model of your laptop. Download & save all drivers & applications to a external drive or burn them to another disk.


Boot from the Windows disk you made and install Windows. Use the product key that is on the base of your laptop. When finished, install the relevant drivers & applications, all your documents (from a previously made backup) and your Anti-Virus/malware and programs. You will also need to activate Windows. When done, you're good to go!


However, if it isn't Windows 7, you will need to purchase a new disk and install from that.



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