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Problems with Windows 8 and hardware on Aspire One 725-0487

I purchased the Acer Aspire One 725-0487 in December and thought once I downloaded a start menu, bypassed the aero screen, and disabled gestures and hot keys that I could deal with Windows 8, as much as I hated it.


I was wrong. Very, very, wrong.


I thought the size, sleekness, and weight of the computer would be enough to compensate for needing additional programs to make the computer function like a computer and not a phone, but again, I was wrong.


The computer runs at 100% CPU incredibly often; last night it was at 124%. Not sure how that's possible, but nonetheless, that's what the task manager reported. The internet (Firefox and IE) is painfully slow nearly all the time, but it frequently freezes,  and eats up 50-90% of my CPU, forcing me to kill it with the task manager. When I boot it up again, most of the time I can't even click to activate the window and it goes back to not responding and eating up all my RAM and CPU. Services like svchost.exe usually take up the rest of my CPU, running between 40-90%, along with a flood of other various windows processes. The computer constantly freezes and lags, randomly disconnects from the internet, won't load Netflix, overheats, etc., etc.... (and these are just the one's I haven't been able to fix -- there were numerous other problems I spent HOURS [each] trying to fix to avoid returning this thing). I've installed all the recent driver and software updates; nothing helps. I think Windows 8 is too much for this little thing to handle.


I'd love nothing more than a FREE downgrade to Windows 7, but as far as I know this isn't possible as this thing didn't come with 8 Pro. The computer conveniently doesn't have a disk drive so I can't even pay a ridiculous amount to install it from a disk. I'm not investing any more time into "fixing" these issues to no avail. I have better things to do than to spend the rest of the warranty just trying to make it usable. So what are my options here? Is a downgrade possible some other way? Is there something I'm not thinking of?

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Re: Problems with Windows 8 and hardware on Aspire One 725-0487

can purchase Windows 7 and external optical drive to install

AO725 has all Windows 7 drivers available on Drivers page


maybe find set of discs on something like eBay?

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