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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

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hi guitarmang

when i did clean install from iso, i did go to option advance and format the selected drive to install. otherwise the setup won't let windows install. after format next button becomes visible and go from there. have to pay attention because setup run quite fast like around 10 min mark to finish. you have 10 secs to unplug the usb otherwise windows will repeat the boot process again

by 15 min you will reach start screeen. quite fast for clean install but a little behind clean installed android os

anyways, i had many partitions by using easeus partition. i install main os on larger partition, smaller one i save backup files like wifi drivers, and large downloaded files so i don't need to download again, or you just could put them on bootable usb. so i would back up first.


hi paja

unfortunately when do clean install from acer recovery, all preintall apps will be there, more like a custome rom in term of android. the iso is like the clean google stock rom

however, you could uninstall using app revo uninstaller. it will delete preinstall apps including files lelf over in registrey, by selecting advance method. you could save additional space probaly 1-2gb, no hog on memory or cpu. but backup important files like serial number (sn)in identity card or somthing like that for future use.

i have been searching for win8 sl iso system builder but couldn't find any.


you could try a reset on charm bar, general. it probably ask for a missing file which is install.wim. then can you plug in the usb with the iso to see if it go through. if not well we have to find another method like using dism or imagex command to mount install.wim index 2 which is win 8. the only thing i am afriad of is when somehow we could install win 8, windows could not activate, that is why external dvd come in


or you could do reset by this guide


on step 4, put index 2 instead of 1. one is for win8 pro

back a while i did try 1 and running win8 pro but not activated. however eventually activated by kms method but thats another thing. it was just for testing purpose i did not need pro

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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

Hi mic

thank you for your effort to explain and for advice.

I will examine your advice and when have time test it.

In this moment son and me are using it for job and boatmodelling.


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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

Thanks for being so helpful with the thread mic, I started it and then never came back. You've been spot on with all your advice!


Unfortunately the Windows 8 product keys are VERY specific, you would need to find an ISO of the Single Language version of Windows 8 which I imagine is fairly difficult to do. You might be able to contact Microsoft for help, they might be able to sell or send you just an installation disk, but the restore disks Acer sends won't be of much help as they will just install the OS the way it was when you got it. Honestly if you use something like CCleaner getting the bloatware off of it isn't too hard, and I was able to get it pretty clean. I only did a fresh install because I was installing a new harddrive.

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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

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Guys, If you install a fresh copy of windows 8 in LEGACY mode, you will not be able to boot again in UEFI mode. You will get a "No Bootable Device" error like I did. Your Acer will boot windows fine in legacy mode, but not in uefi mode.


I've also noticed that Windows 8 setup will create 2 partitions in LEGACY mode and 4 partitions in UEFI mode (thats if you choose custom and delete/recreate all partitions during setup).


Having those 2 partitions will cause the recovery DVD to fail and keep asking you to switch between LEGACY and UEFI modes. 


To perfom a fresh windows 8 install or full recovery:


1. You need a USB DVD drive. (I just bought one and returned it)

2. Make sure BIOS is in UEFI mode.

3. Move the USB DVD drive up as first boot device (you may have to reboot into BIOS a second time to change this)

4. Turn off FAST boot in BIOS 

5. Insert DVD into drive.

6. Hold w700 power button down for 6 seconds

7. Power ON.


When the w700 recognises the DVD drive it will reboot and pause on the ACER logo screen. There is a slight delay while the w700 reads the DVD, so wait. (watch the DVD drive light and listen for it spinning).


To do a full recovery you must first delete everything on the drive. I just used a windows 8 dvd:


 a. start the windows 8 setup:

 b. choose custom install

 c. delete all drive partitions

 d. create new drive partitions (there should now be 4)

 e. format largest partition

 f. exit the windows setup.

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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

Install Windows 8 in UEFI and you will not have the graphics glitch. Also the W700 will respond better.
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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

I have recently bought my Acer W700 tablet and was wanting to set it up with the stock Windows8. The guide from this forum worked perfectly. I found a copy of Windows8 online that matched the description given and booted into Legacy BIOS mode and all went well and is fully activated. I had an external display to help with the initial video driver setup and with all the Acer driver files pre-downloaded everything went like clockwork. The dock works great hooked up to my 24" monitor and it turns the tablet into a functional desktop computer. With the keyboard and case that came with the tablet it becomes a great notebook. On it's own its a really nice tablet. It's a bit heavier than most but comfortable to hold. I prefered the slightly larger size over Microsoft Surface tablet. My only issue is slight backlight bleeding but it doesn't effect the quality of the screen when on. Very happy with my purchase choice. Thanks again for this forum and very helpful installation proceedure.

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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

This is the latest change. First there was the desktop IBM-PC. Then cam the protables: Columbia, Corona, Compaq that were 100% compatible but 32 lbs each and needed a luggage cart. Then luggables became laptops became notebooks became netbooks becam ultrabooks each with an increase in power and multi use with docking stations and real keyboard/mouse/monitor.


Today the power of a desktop is in a tablet and with the W3 finally fits in a pocket or on a dashboard. Android-iOS are being pushed down to smaller devices. Pretty soon anything with a screen larger than 7" will be available with a real operating system and not a stripped down Linux.


We are in the midst of the transition and is daja vu all over again (in 1920 there were over 2,000 automobile manufacturers in the US).


Computers have finally reached "good enough" and the market is going to look very different in the near future. People here are just the "early adopters".

Luggable, 1983
My first PC
Please: Make a recovery drive
and store a full system image offline
before upgrading.
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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

Would this same upgrade (that is, windows 8 clean install using the DVD drive and NOT the legacy mode) be possible using Windows 8 Pro?


I am thinking about buying the w700-6831 and pushing a clean version of Pro onto it.  I would be using it for my law practice; it would likely be replacing the desktop at both offices and allow me to be truly mobile (as I practive in a 100 mile radius)  I would have monitors, printers and such at both locations run of a USBhub, and just carry the tablet with me.


The only thing is, I need to run full versions of the office suite to do this.  Does anyone see a problem with that?

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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

"I am thinking about buying the w700-6831 and pushing a clean version of Pro onto it."






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Re: How to: Recover Stock Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia W700 Tablet

thank you for the quick response.

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