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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

I also have this phone from november, bought from orange ro, nice phone and design but with a lot of bugs, weak os stability, a lot of crushes, major wifi problems connecting and maintaining connected, dead pixels sometimes shows on display, poor battery. But the main problem remain the os stability, this phone really needs Jelly bean, because it has too many bugs, so is a shame to come with this vesion so unstable and not try to repair, i hope acer guys to do something to improve this as fast as they can. I also accessed acer.uk and acer.fr and they have some improvements for ice cream sandwich, i hope at last this improvements to come as an update for acer cloudmobile from orange.ro

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

@wwillesme: I've seen your post yesterday but I didn't want to reply because I wanted to see if someone else shares ur opinion.

Now I'm very glad that others Cloud users have answered you.

In my opinion ur post was rude, but it was only ur point of view and it's normal to see these types of posts in forums...so I could say that I respect every shared review.


"Sure, I do understand it is annoying to have a phone that does not work well, but it has no use at all, in my view, to make a problem out of every single thing happening around it" / here, for example I'm against ur words, why?! because when a device(Acer S500) it's released to the end-users, the producer (Acer) has to know ALL the possible crash issues, bugs, reporting problems - everything! to find out and come with a solution/ fix/ update packs. So, the users have this right to complain for every single thing happening around this device ..to quote u a little!


@Lci & other users: thanks! I am 100% agree with u and I thank you for ur support!











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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

[ Edited ]

Sorry, it was not at all my intent to be rude about it. I probably did not express myself well, and as said I fully understand this is annoying to you guys, and I hope a solution is coming soon.

It was not meant disrespectful. The reason why I posted: every single thread about the CloudMobile is now about the problems you are experiencing. And somebody from Acer responded they are working on it - now I understand you want it solved yesterday rather than tomorrow, but personally I think all one can do now is wait a bit for Acer to show solutions. That was my whole point.


So yeah i think that we have all the rights to complain and this it the right place to do it.


I agree you have a right to complain. I doubt this is the right place to do it. This is a public forum for Acer users, mainly handled (as far as I see) by other Acer owners. This forum is not Acer support, it's peer-to-peer support. There is nothing I could do for the problem you have with stuck pixels - Acer Support in Romania might.

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update



"I agree you have a right to complain. I doubt this is the right place to do it. This is a public forum for Acer users, mainly handled (as far as I see) by other Acer owners.".


Guess what our complaining in the wrong place somehow managed to give us an update that until now works flawlessly. About the stuck pixels i could not care less. If you can help fine(you didn`t until now) but if you dont have anything usefull to say that help other users please stop trolling.Thanks.


Ps.Thanks again ACER for listening to your customers.

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

raspuns Orange 

Versiunea de Android 4.1pentru Acer CloudMobile va fi disponibila la mijlocul lunii februarie. Data aparitiei update-ului este una estimativa si poate suferi modificari.

postat de Orange 

Orange response
CloudMobile 4.1pentru Acer Android version will be available in mid-February. Update's release date is approximate and subject to change.

posted by Orange

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

Now THAT is great news!

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

First it was mid-January, now it's mid-February? Not sure how this is good news.

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

Lets face it, ACER does not seem to care too much for this phone I dont think we will get an official update anytime soon... It's already mid-february and no word from acer. I just hope that XDA will come up with an forum for this phone and some good developer will pick it up.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

I don't understand why Acer made this "community". It's like we ask them here question about Samsung (for example).They know nothing. It is hard to say YES/NO from the beginning if Acer S500 will get the JB? I don't understand this mistery. Let's ask this question on HTC forum, maybe they have an answer.

With this attitude you'll never be able to face Samsung,HTC,Sony and many others...

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Re: Acer S500 Cloudmobile Jelly Bean update

this problem with stuck pixels i had it too. after 2 ORANGE ROMANIA service times, i get another used and scratched phone, and i send it back, i got a new one.... after 5 weeks in total !



now, i use this phone like a cristal glass !   Smiley Sad  that why i had never an Acer products, and now, i was remembering that.

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